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Emotion a Path to Healing

Emotion is a loaded subject isn’t it? We certainly give it a lot of power. Sometimes it seems that we are subject to our emotions, that they are controlling us especially if they are negative. If we are feeling anxious or sad or mad we let that rule our thoughts and our time and […]

Obligation vs. Motivation

Predominant issues show up in my readings and they provide the inspiration for the articles I write and for my show. Recently, obligation, mainly in regard to family, has been a prevailing theme and it is an important one to talk about. If you are one of my 12Listen clients you received a portion […]

Practicing the Presence

I get a lot of inspiration for my show from my sessions with my clients and when an issue comes up for several of them it lets me know that they are probably not the only ones experiencing it. Over the past week or so the recurring question has been;

“I know what I want […]



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