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This is a list of tele-classes that I teach on 12Academy.com.  Please visit www.12Academy to see which classes are currently being offered.  Take a class from the comfort of your own home and expand your horizons!


These channeled, guided meditations facilitate powerful experiences with the Archangels.  You will feel their presence and receive the benefit of their help.  Their love and support is ours for the asking.





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Everything is energy.  We take on the energy of people we encounter in everyday life and the walls in which we live and work are energetic records of everyone who has ever been within them. No wonder we are distracted!  In this class I will teach you tools and techniques to release energy that doesn’t benefit you from your physical and energetic body and your home and work place.   I will teach you how set energetic boundaries that will protect you and keep unwanted energy out.  And finally I will teach you how to set the energetic vibration of what you want to experience so that your home nurtures you and your work place inspires you.  These are powerful tools that will make a profound difference.  When you are supported by your environment you walk out into the world empowered and that directly affects your success and happiness.  You are a powerful creator I will teach you how to create an empowering environment.

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This class is for Psychics, Body Workers, Dental Assistants, Counselors, Nurses, Moms etc.  I think you get the picture.  This class is for healers in all professions whether you call yourself one or not. Those of us who work directly with or on the public have to have effective tools for protecting themselves energetically, clearing their work space, and separating from their clients or patient’s energy. This is critical to your health.  The first Set Your Boundaries dealt primarily with grounding and clearing your self and your space and then setting the vibrations to support you.  This class will recap that but will concentrate on methods of separating your self from other people’s energy so that when your appointment is over you aren’t carrying your client’s energy or problems around with you.  This is vital for your health, happiness and enthusiasm for the wonderful work that you do.

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These meditations are taken from my 12Radio show, Empowerment. On the live show it was not possible to take the time to go deeply into the meditation. However, 12Academy is the perfect place to fully experience this powerful meditation.

Experiencing Your Divinity

 This class and meditation gives you a tangible experience of your limitless self and gives you tools to allow it to express and flow through you in your day to day life.  Whether you are male or female, a mom or an executive you will learn how to do what you do from a place of power, neutrality and detachment.   This is a fantastic experience!

Bring your Life into Present Time

 What are you struggling with?  This class and meditation teach you how to look at the events, situations and relationships in your life to find out if they are serving you or not.  The only place we can affect anything is in the present moment. The past doesn’t exist and guilt is a waste of time. Yet how much of your energy is spent on things you cannot change.  Present time is a brilliant tool that brings clarity and freedom.

Healing Unworthiness – Self Love

In order to have the best in life you have to feel that you deserve it.  Unworthiness is the single greatest factor in not being able to manifest your good.  Your intrinsic nature is pure limitless divinity and you are here in this incarnation to demonstrate that divinity.  This class and meditation provide tools for releasing unworthiness and increasing self love.  Self love enlarges the expression of the divinity within you and releases what contradicts it.

Manifesting 101 – Creating a “Mock Up”

If you wanted to build something you would “mock it up”, draw it out in detail on a piece of paper.  This class teaches you the basic elements of manifesting your desire.  The meditation walks you through creating a “mock up” of your intention using great energetic tools

Connect to Your Guidance

We are individuals and the way we receive information is individual as well.  Guidance and intuition comes in many different forms.  In this class/meditation we will explore several of them. I will guide you in a meditation to find out which ones resonate with you and really open up those lines of communication.

Meet the Real You

This is a class and meditation all about expansiveness, connecting to “I AM”.  It gives you a taste of who you really are and what you are entitled to.  Get ready to have a powerful experience of your Divinity and learn tools to experience it on an ongoing basis.  You will be floating after this one – guaranteed!!

Managing Holiday Energy Meditation

During the holidays we encounter energy like no other time of the year. There are many elements that come into play during the holidays that can make it anything but joyful. This class and meditation will give you tools to take care of yourself,(imagine that!), and maintain your neutrality and power. Together we will create the space for you to have a great experience of the holidays.

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