Being Available

As personalities, humans can do nothing – all of the action in our experience, from breathing and metabolizing our food to expressing creativity and talent or the demonstration of something we want in our lives, is Source, Infinite Being, Consciousness.  Maintaining and sustaining us, is God’s job.

What we are called to do is answer the demands that are made on us.  In this moment, what’s on my plate?  What am I called to do?  Maybe it’s the laundry, shoveling snow or meeting a client, a work project, or calling your mom.  If you ask the question, “what am I called to do in this moment?”  You will have an answer and if you act on it, you will feel ease and release. If you ignore it or overrule it, you won’t, you’ll feel discomfort, or struggle and it will keep tapping you on the shoulder.  Personally, I always have a to do list.  I write everything down that I think must get done and then I go with the flow. Because, really, I only think I know what must get done.  Spirit might have another agenda and that’s the one I want to follow.  This is a great way to become more dependent on your intuition.  It might feel uncomfortable at first but let that be and just follow.  Many times, I get far more done, and done with ease, than I planned.  There is a lot of joy in working this way.

When we focus on the present moment and ask that question and follow that guidance, we stay on track and it is peaceful.  We stay within our boundaries and don’t become obstacles to our own good.  It is a mutually beneficial experience between us and Spirit and lovely things happen.  First and foremost; ease and the feeling of being supported.

Staying within our boundaries also benefits our families and those close to us relationship-wise and in physical proximity because we are in our business and out of theirs.  We let them be where they are in their evolution without judgement or jumping in to correct them.   Even where our families are concerned, we are only responsible for our own demonstration.

This is especially important to remember if you are in service work.  We have no right to dictate to our clients or students how their lives should be. It is important to remember that where anyone else is in their life is their business.  Respect their individuality.  Don’t see anyone as broken. Being the channel through which Source flows for them is our only job.  They will make their own demonstration.

Joel S Goldsmith said; “It is healthier to make mistakes under our own freedom than to be perfect under someone else’s rules.  It is easier to find our way back when we are free.”

So, be in the moment addressing what you are called to do and see what happens.  It is a lovely way to experience your day.

Kelly Whetstone