Forgiveness is an important topic worth revisiting, because my understanding of it, like everything else, evolves as I evolve.

   I am a student of Joel S. Goldsmith and The Infinite Way.  You can listen to his tapes on YouTube.  I’ve been listening to a tape called the Infinite Nature of Yourself.  I want to share some of his profound wisdom with you today. Beginning with this statement; 

“What I find within my Self and share with you, I have more of.”  (Self being Infinite Complete Self.)

“No good can come to me except as an activity of my consciousness.  That which I recognize as having is that which I can demonstrate.  If I desire or pray for something to come to me from outside, I set up a barrier to it coming. 

If we are expecting peace to come from the outer world it will never happen.  We have to first find peace in our hearts then we will find it in others.  I will find peace in this world when I find a state of peace within me toward this world.”

Then he talked about forgiveness. 

“If we want to be forgiven, we must begin the forgiveness process.  We cannot have what we refuse to give.  And we must forgive ourselves constantly, continuously, again and again or we cannot forgive others.  Everything starts with us, to include forgiveness.

He went on to say; “we have to overcome our old theology and stop suffering from the belief in past sins.  The bible says that, though your sins were as scarlet they are washed white as snow – Why?  Because in this moment we have no past and we have no future.  The only moment is this one and the degree of sinlessness you have is what you have in this moment.  If there is no sin in your consciousness in this moment, there is no penalty for what doesn’t exist.

We should disown our yesterdays.  We are free right now in this moment, we don’t have to go back and work out yesterday’s karma.  At this moment we are forgiven, and the past cannot enter the present.  We cannot undo yesterday but sins and mistakes were a result of our ignorance. 

He said, Karma lasts in us only to the point of regeneration.  In this moment sin is forgiven unless we go back to our old behavior.  And if we do, we forgive ourselves again and again and again.  Every minute is a fresh one.  Life is only in this present moment – look at this moment as fresh and new.”

I found that phenomenally liberating!   If we forgive ourselves over and over, we are releasing blocks to our expansion and pretty soon, we expand beyond the thing that tripped us up.

Think about some of the things that you are carrying guilt over.  How long ago did they happen?  I believe that we live lifetimes in our lifetime because we keep evolving.  I can look back over my life and know when I transitioned into a different state of consciousness or lifetime.  So, how many lifetimes ago did you make that mistake?   And here is the million-dollar question – right now, in your present state of consciousness, would you do it again?   If the answer is “no” you are forgiven, and it is time to drop it and the guilt associated with it off the cliff.  You are not even the same person you were then.

There is so much freedom in this.  Forgiveness exists within us.  It is there waiting for us to accept it for ourselves and to give it to others.  Forgiveness is grace.  And we are under grace when we know that we are the individualization of Infinite Spirit.  Under grace, we are forgiven and there is nothing more to pay for.  But we must forgive others because in forgiving we free ourselves.  If we don’t forgive someone, Stuart Wilde would say, it’s like having them well and securely strapped to our leg.  We don’t forgive for that person’s benefit, we forgive for our benefit and our freedom.

Several years ago, I heard a beautiful definition of forgiveness it is “giving up limitation for a greater expression of our divinity”.  What you cannot forgive has you bound it is as simple as that. Forgiveness is self-love.

Forgiveness of self and others keeps us clear and present to realize the freedom of this new fresh moment.

As Goldsmith said; “What I find within my Self and share with you, I have more of.”

That is worth a sticky note isn’t it?

Kelly Whetstone