One of the coolest things I have found is Mike Dooley’s Notes from the Universe.

I love finding my note from the universe in my email every day.  They are inspiring and funny and they raise my vibe.  I wanted to share one that I got a couple of weeks ago that I found especially inspiring.

“Think of every single thing that you “have to” do to get through a day, Kelly, as things you “get to” do… before your turn is over.”

Everything’s a gift,
The Universe

I really loved that and it got me thinking. I thought if you see every thing as a gift why not take that a step farther and see your self as the gift as well?  Why not decide to be the gift? Consciously ask your self , what can I give?  What can I give to the people in my life, to my work, to my self?

What if you start seeing yourself as the blessing and consciously make kindness and grace your method of operation?

We recently had to go to the dept of motor vehicles and get our Az drivers licenses and plates.  I am sure that every one can recall time spent at the dmv.   Not to be judgmental, but the dmv is really one of those low energy places and the reason it is, is because no one wants to be there.  It is a waiting place.  It is going to go as fast or as slow as it goes and you are held hostage.  The numbering system is kind of screwy so the only way you can tell if you’re close to being called is to remember the people that were ahead of you in line when you got there and notice when they get called.

I always hope that I can get in and out quickly, but if that isn’t the case I can roll with it.  I have enough tools to maintain my neutrality while I wait.  It is what it is and if you get impatient and cranky it just doesn’t make it any less or any better than what it is.

So I decided to take the opposite approach.  I always try to be friendly and kind to people, especially people that are serving me in some way.  I make a point of saying hello and just being nice.  I especially make a point of being nice to people that work in places like the dmv mainly because I can’t imagine working in a place that the general public really hates!  Not only do you get that energy thrown at you all day but it doesn’t leave the building when the people do.  It all just hangs and layers on so you get to experience it early in the morning before people show up and after they leave.

So I decided to put my 2 cents worth in to raise the vibe of the place.  I said hello to the first woman who was handing out numbers and applications and talked to her a bit while we were having our vision checked and then I chatted with the woman that actually did the paper work and there was a noticeable change in their demeanor because we were nice to them.  At first they appeared quite stern, and justifiably so, but throwing some “nice” at them shifted the energy and they both ended up being very cool.

People appreciate a hello and a smile.  Positivity is a gift, one that multiplies.  You always get what you give and it is great.  It’s validation.  It is acknowledging THE PERSON as an individual. It is Namaste, the Highest in me sees the Highest in you.  I have talked about validation before.  When you validate a person you validate the God in them and that validates the whole.  It is the microcosm/macrocosm concept.

Your smile, your eye contact, you asking someone how they are and then listening to the answer makes a huge impact.  You are blessing them and blessing always comes back.  You know that is the truth because you feel great when you do it.  Anything positive you give expands.  It’s like energetically tossing flowers to people.  They will make a point of catching them because they make them feel special.

You know what happens next?  Their energy shifts and so does yours.  In that small encounter maybe only a few minutes you completed a spiritual agreement.  I think you know by now that whoever comes into your life comes by agreement, mutual responsibility.  There is an agreement between your spirits for growth.  We are familiar with that concept where relationships are concerned but it is also true for someone who holds the door for you.

So a seemingly small encounter is an opportunity for growth if we are just aware.  And that being said I would have to question if there are really any small encounters? Every encounter with another person is an encounter with God.

A person’s day can be made by you being kind to them.  It plants a seed.  It reminds me of that liberty mutual commercial on tv where the guy selling newspapers runs after the lady to give her, her change and then she holds the elevator for someone and then that someone does something nice for someone else and on it goes.  It is really uplifting and it is really true.  It is like throwing a coin of consciousness into a still pond and watching the ripple effect.

So I am proposing that we all make a conscious effort to “Be the Blessing”.  Now this may require you to come out of yourself a little bit if you are not typically one to say hello or how are you?  It is worth the discomfort because the payoff is immediate.  There is a lot of power in this.  This is a living example of you consciously affecting the energy around you.

There are a lot of ways to do it.  Here is another one; what if in the midst of chaos you are the calm graceful energy?  Maybe there is a buzz of gossip or discontent going on where you work and you simply choose to not be involved.  Two things occur in that scenario.  One the buzz energy is deflated because you are not contributing and the other is you have an experience of your own silent power.  There is a great deal of power in graceful silence, enough to shift the energy of the situation.  We don’t think we affect that much as just one person but we do. The buzz feeds upon itself.

Another great way to be the blessing is to imagine your self as the Golden Being.  The enlightened limitless you and see that golden light radiating out from you 360 degrees to every man woman and child and every being on the planet and the planet herself and then imagine that every being and the planet her self returns that light to you.  Everything is energy.  It is a powerful exercise and you will feel it.

So go out and be the blessing  and notice how blessed you are as a result.