About Kelly

I am Kelly Whetstone. My purpose is your empowerment. My highest honor is to help you connect to the limitless power within you- the Infinite Self – wherein lies all that you need to restore your balance and joy, to fuel your confidence, to create loving relationships and fulfilling work, to connect you to your truth, and to manifest your dreams. Every service I offer, every class I teach, and every article I write is driven by that purpose.

I am a psychic reader, healer, counselor, reverend and teacher with decades of research and  study and years of professional training and experience. My abilities, skills and knowledge provide me with a unique understanding and insight into your situation.

I use my abilities to read, interpret and heal the energetic body, the chakras and aura. I call upon my intuition, knowledge and training to understand how it affects your situation and provide you with this information. I identify and release unbeneficial energy, replacing it with healing energy that brings clarity and awareness.

I help you understand what is behind your feelings and how to achieve resolution or make your decision. I empower you with self awareness and useful simple tools to help you maintain your balance and spiritual growth.

You will feel the difference.

Love and Blessings


Kelly is a Certified Professional Clairvoyant Intuitive, Healer, Teacher, and ordained minister. She received her certifications as a clairvoyant reader and healer and psychic teacher from the Inner Connection Institute and was ordained by the Church of Infinite Spirit in Denver, CO.

She is an advisor on 12Listen.com, an instructor on 12Academy.com and hosts Empowerment, a weekly radio show on 12Radio.com. She is a writer with published articles on the Spiritual Journey and Intuitive Feng Shui. She is a faux painter and watercolor artist.

She sees clients for personal readings and healing sessions as well as house and business healings in Denver,  CO.  Email her to schedule. Kelly@kellywhetstone.com 

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You are an eternal being. You were never born and you will never die. You are universal and infinite. You have had many lifetimes. Presently, you are God expressing as your personality in your body, with your relationships, doing your work. 

The Infinite Self within you cannot be sick, poor, sad or lonely. Because of It you have access to unlimited good. Your life and circumstances are the physical expression of your beliefs. You always experience what you believe. The good news is that your beliefs can be changed thereby changing your experience.

Awareness is power. When you become aware of something and can give it a name, you are empowered as that thing that you may have struggled with all of your life shrinks in front of your eyes.  No belief or circumstance is greater than you – ever.