Last summer I went to Hawaii for ATP (Angel Therapy) training which gave me new tools and information that expanded my awareness and my abilities. As part of the course I was given a little green book by John Randolph Price called the Abundance Book which was my introduction to Science of Mind, the New Thought Movement and Affirmative Prayer.  I have also been absolutely fascinated by the work of Michael Bernard Beckwith, US Anderson and Catherine Ponder. 

Since my introduction to metaphysics in 1986 I have understood that we create our reality with our thoughts, words, beliefs and feelings.  My belief is that our Divine right is ultimate creativity in our lives. I know that whatever is present in my life I am responsible for, that there are no innocent victims, and that everything occurs by agreement.  We truly live from the inside out and our outer world mirrors our inner beliefs. It is our inner beliefs that we have the power to change whenever we want.

The New Thought study has taken me further into knowing that I am, as Beckwith says, the “Who of the What”.  God is the what.  God is all there is, One Reality, and therefore everything is part of God.  On this earth humans are the “Who of the What”, the physical expression of God or the Universe. Our purpose is to reveal the face of the Divine.   We are the channels and conduits for Divine Substance or Universal Energy to express as our lives, our work, our bodies and our relationships.  Actually, we are not in our bodies but our bodies are in our field of awareness.  God or the Universe is becoming conscious of itself through us.

 This course of study gave me new words and images for these universal truths.  John Randolph Price says that there are three phases to experiencing a change in consciousness; awareness, understanding and knowledge.   We first become aware of something that catches our interest.  We pursue it to gain an understanding of it mentally.  After we study, understand and assimilate it we know it and when we know it, it becomes part of us and that is when the shift occurs.  When you know something you feel it to your core. There is no doubt because it truly is a part of you.

My spiritual journey has proven to me over and over that when the student is ready the teacher will appear to take them to the next step.  We have to study and grow to be ready but we also have to allow it to happen.  We have to go through the balancing process of learning and resting and be ok doing both.  

I love this journey.  It is ever expanding and if you allow your self to just fall back into it and see what comes up you can’t help but be amazed.  There is always an opportunity to look deeper and go further. If we are committed to our journey there will always be a new teacher and a new next step. 

As we evolve and grow we make a positive contribution to the One Reality and raise the collective vibration, everyone benefits.  We also raise our individual vibration to experience a brilliant life filled with health, love, freedom, joy and abundance.  We can have anything we can create and we can create anything we want because we are the Who of the What.

Love and Blessings