“You cannot control what goes on outside of you.  You can only control your response to it and your environment.” Oprah Winfrey
I had the privilege and pleasure this last week of doing a remote energy healing and Feng Shui consultation for a client of mine in Las Vegas.  My client is a foreclosure mediator and I met her a little over a year ago when she called me to do a Feng Shui consultation for the office she had just rented.  It had such positive results that she called me to do it again for the new space she is moving into. Over the past year she had the experience of having her office and everything in it work with and for her to facilitate her success and successful outcomes for her clients.

The office is small, basically a conference room where she sits down with clients to mediate resolutions.  My job was to clear the old energy from previous occupants to create a blank slate for her purpose and then ground and set the energy to serve and support her and her clients.

She is a very graceful and gracious lady and I admire what she does.  I can’t imagine that anyone goes happily into foreclosure. The people that come to her for help bring a lot of energy with them and I doubt that much of it is positive. So my next step was to ground the office and the furniture in it which facilitates the release of un-beneficial energy. The grounding works for her clients while they are there, whether they are consciously aware of it or not, and it keeps the space safe and clear for her to be most effective.

Using Feng Shui I set the room up as it’s own Bagua so that all nine life areas were represented.  The furniture, mirrors and art that she brought from her previous office all worked well to represent the appropriate elements and enhance each area with very minor cures.    The most wonderful piece I had to work with is a painting of a bridge.  It is very calm and serene and speaks volumes.  The painting of the bridge hangs in the center of the largest wall which falls in Family area of the Bagua.   It is the focal point not only of the wall but of the space.  It makes a statement. This painting is a metaphor for the work that she does and the purpose of the office.  It is an affirmation of what she wants to accomplish.  As a mediator she is the bridge between two parties.  The calm the painting evokes speaks to her energy and style.

After the office was set up energetic vibrations were set to support the intention of the room.  This is the icing on the cake.  The vibrations we set were safety, focus, ease, calm, clear communication, etc.  They set the standard of what is acceptable.  By setting the vibrations in the room any energy that enters and does not match them won’t stay.  She told me that over the past year in her previous office she’d only had a couple of clients that were agitated when they came in but they calmed down after being there.

She facilitates a valuable service for her clients.  The energy work and Feng Shui allows her to control her space in a very gracious way.  It is all about her and what she wants to experience and have her client’s experience.   The office literally supports her and her success and the people that come to see her get the benefit of working with an excellent mediator and a great healing.  It is a terrific circle.