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Fall Begins

Right now it appears to me that there is a greater energy that is stimulating the desire for change. I don't know exactly what it is but I am impressed by the number of people I talk to that are either contemplating or are actually in the midst of making substantial changes in their lives. Fall is a motivator but this desire for change seems to be motivated by more than just the changing season itself.

The Chakras – Fourth or Heart Chakra

This is the fourth in a series of articles on the chakra system. The seven major chakras are aligned along your spine. The first chakra is located at the tip of the tailbone, the second is about 2 inches below the belly button, the third is at the solar plexus, the fourth is the middle of the chest, the fifth is at the base of the neck, the sixth is in the center of the head, behind the eyes, and the seventh sits flat on the top of the head. All except the seventh go through the body, front to back. Their functions range from completely physical- the first chakra, to completely spiritual- the seventh chakra and they impact every aspect of life. Each chakra has a function that directly contributes to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. The chakras hold information from this lifetime as well as previous lifetimes and not all of it is empowering. They can hold other people’s energy as well as your own. They are in constant motion, sending and receiving energy, and they are constantly reacting to what is happening in your life.
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My Evolving Relationship with Faith

As humans, we use faith in every moment that we live. We have faith that our bodies will work properly, that our cars will take us where we need to go, that we will remember how to drive, etc. The future doesn’t exist until we get there to observe it so we rely a whole lot more on faith than we realize.

Purpose is Your Guide

When the word “purpose” comes up we automatically think of our highest calling, the voice from the burning bush and the concept can be daunting. You either have an idea about it or you’re not sure or you just don’t want to go there. How do we find it? How do we live with or without it?


Mindfulness is paying attention to whatever you are doing. It brings you into the present moment and into the state of giving and receiving.

If you can keep the idea in the back of your mind that you always reap what you sow you will automatically be more mindful.  You will be conscious of what […]

Easy Feng Shui – Clutter

I want to give you what I feel is a fundamental tenet of Feng Shui: CLUTTER IMPEDES ENERGY. You want the Life Force Energy or Chi to flow through and vitalize every area of your home, thereby vitalizing the different aspects of your life.  That is the goal of practicing Feng Shui.  Clutter stops […]

The Chakras – Seventh or Crown Center

This article is dedicated to the Seventh Chakra or the Crown Center. The seventh chakra sits flat on the top of the head and is the gateway to Spirit. It is center where we realize the Divine Reality within our own consciousness, the “I AM”, and through which we receive inspiration, intuition, and guidance. Cyndi Dale describes is as; “The “psychic center” for higher knowing, it receives the spiritual energies and guidance necessary to activate our purpose…. It contains the yang ability to live our divine identity by expressing purpose, and the yin ability to take in energies essential to feeding our spiritual nature.” Cyndi Dale – New Chakra Healing As eternal beings our chakras contain information from prior lifetimes as well as this lifetime. It is believed that the Crown chakra also holds all of the information contained in the other chakras.
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Divine Dissatisfaction – Desire for Change

So many people I speak with desire change but really cannot put their finger on exactly what that means and I wanted to share some ideas about this.

How Do We Create When We Don’t Have A Clear Vision

To manifest anything you have to get definite with the infinite as Rev Ike says. You can be, do or have anything that you desire. Let's say right now you don't have a crystal clear vision of what you want to create. You only know that you want something better. So let's expand on this a little bit.

Divine Love Petition from Empowerment 7/31/12

This is the Divine Love Petition  that I shared on Empowerment today:
Here is the petition:
I admit that I am powerless
But the Divine is infinitely powerful
I admit that I am powerless over_______________
With my soul I accept Divine Love and surrender my will to the Creators will
I acknowledge my ______________and ask that the source of this […]