Fall always brings my attention to my home and what I want to change in it to welcome the season.  It may sound silly, but I get a lot of satisfaction and joy out of doing a fall cleaning to shift into autumn.   Attention is love and attention is life so when you touch things you are revitalizing your surroundings.  My home is a sacred space with many sacred spaces in it.  Each room is really dedicated to something and that dedication creates an atmosphere. 
I maintain it energetically and use Feng Shui to keep it clear, safe and working for us.  It is a sanctuary, a healing place for us and everyone that spends anytime at all here.   But, before I learned to do any of that, I knew instinctively that if I put my love into my home it would be my safe haven and a place that my friends and family loved to be and it was.  It wasn’t, and never has been, perfect but it’s always had a beautiful spirit.  Over the years we have evolved together and it is a relationship I cherish.
I was recently listening to a tape of Joel Goldsmith’s called Grace and was just delighted to hear him talk about how consciousness affects physical places; like when you walk into a room or a building, or even the presence of a person or group and know instantly that you feel welcome or that you want to cut and run. 
He was saying that anyone that enters our home enters our consciousness and what our consciousness is occupied with is what they will experience – peace or chaos.  They are never entering a building but an atmosphere created by our consciousness, and that takes precedence over any physical aspect.  
He said that wherever there is dedication an atmosphere is evolved.  He said it is good to do your meditation or prayer in the same room or chair because by doing so you bring to that spot the measure of your dedication and it takes on the atmosphere of a sacred space –  think about being in a church and feeling the residual atmosphere of devoted parishioners and sacred ritual.
You can prove this for yourself – think about any place in your home that is dedicated to a specific purpose – even the family room or the place where you relax and watch TV.  If you have used it for any length of time your energy shifts when you walk in there because it is the place where you go to relax.  It has the atmosphere of relaxation and shifting gears.
This goes for your work space as well, whether it is your garden or your office. 
This is happening anyway so the more conscious we are of our consciousness the more the atmosphere will support us and dedication – conscious dedication – is the key.  It does not matter if you work in the busiest office in the world if your consciousness is filled with peace your workspace will be peaceful and you will be productive.
Our consciousness dictates all – and the way we prepare it dictates our experience and the experience of everyone who comes into contact with it.  It is pretty amazing to think about how powerful you are to positively influence your world and everyone that is a part of it.  The place where on you stand is holy ground.
Love and a Million Blessings