silhouette of slackliner in sunsetLets look at Balance from different angles and examine different methods to achieve it.  The first step toward balance is awareness of imbalance.

Based on the work that I do and in observing myself, I believe that we set very stringent standards or parameters for ourselves and that this typically contributes to imbalance.  There tends to be a focus on one or two areas of life to the exclusion of others.  In my life, this focus is on work because my work really is my life.  But my work is not a “9 to 5” job. Though I think it would be much easier to be more balanced if it was. But I love what I do.  It is my heart and definitely my calling but what I have discovered is that I place rules on myself that God would laugh at.

I have this concept of delayed gratification that has been with me my whole adult life and with it a deep seated belief that I have to earn everything.  I know that the basis of this belief is Lack and that it goes completely counter to living intuitively.  I want to go out and do something but first I have to go through my whole schedule to see if I worked hard enough to deserve it and what I would be taking time away from if I do it.  This is nuts! I am so glad that I am now aware of it and I can shift it because it sure has ruined a lot of fun in the past.  This has also kept me out of the magic of the present moment.  It is difficult to be present when you are anxious because you’re not doing what you think you should be doing. I think of Florence Scovel Shinn’s words “divine ideas never conflict” anxiousness lets you know you are not in alignment.

We are under grace as divine beings and that means that we don’t have to “pay” for anything – we are forgiven and in that forgiveness are the keys to the kingdom – every good thing we could desire is ours and we don’t have to earn it we simply have to accept it and be available for it.  If we live intuitively we are completely taken care of because we have surrendered to our destiny and our destiny includes health, wealth, love, and creative expression.  If we live intuitively we live by our feelings, our good feelings lead us – we are on track when we are feeling good.  This is a life of really not seeing too far into the future but knowing that the future is unfolding as you follow your guidance.

Fierce faith is necessary to live intuitively and sometimes that just looks like falling back into the arms of the Universe and knowing you are supported.  If I focus on being joyful it is amazing how the day flows.

The square of life; perfect health, abundance, love and perfect creative expression is balance.  There is nothing missing and each one of them feeds the others. I know it is called the square of life but it sure seems like a circle to me; A circle of freedom.

It reminds me of the bagua in Feng Shui.  There are nine life areas represented as nine equal sections of your home. Picture a tic tack toe grid overlaying the floor plan of your house. The center section is health.  It touches every other section or gua.  In my opinion, the objective of the practice of feng shui is balance.  The idea is that life energy or chi, which is light, should flow through each area of the bagua inspiring and healing it.  The 9 areas are career, knowledge, happy family, prosperity, fame and reputation, relationship, creativity and children, helpful people and travel and health. If each of those areas is inspired in your life you would be in perfect balance.  You would be living the square of life.  It covers it all and all are equal.

Both the bagua and the square begin with health.  In this physical plane you can’t do much without your health so it is important to know your body and to take care of your body.  When body issues come up ask productive questions, let your intuition guide you and get help if you need it. If you have health issues they can certainly distract you from receiving abundance, being happy and pursuing your creative expression.  Your body is your vehicle, love it, respect it and honor it, it houses your God Self.

Energetically speaking we have 4 bodies, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual but I feel that we actually have 5 bodies – physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual.  Your Spirit is your God Self, like your health in the previous examples it is primary and if you focus on it, It will inform your other four bodies.

A fantastic meditation is to imagine that you are in your center of consciousness above the third dimensional plane.  You can see your five bodies in your field of awareness. I see five outlines of my body. I see my Spiritual body containing a beautiful golden fountain of light -Pure divine love and lavish unfailing abundance the absolute presence of God in the midst of me.  I see my energetic body containing my chakras and energy channels with my aura around it.  I see my mental and emotional bodies containing my reasoning mind and feelings and I see my physical body.  I imagine my spiritual body which is pure light filling each chakra, major and minor, my energy channels and my aura then filling my mental body, my emotional body and my physical body bringing inspiration, healing and balance.

I use an affirmation for each:

  • For my Spiritual body – I exalt God in the Midst of me (I repeat it and feel the light resonating within me.)
  • For my energetic body – I now live as the I that I AM
  • For my mental body – Now let the Divine Idea express in my mind, body and affairs
  • For my emotional body– I see and love the highest and best in me and I see and love the highest and best in all mankind
  • For my physical body– I am nourished by the Spirit within.  Every cell of my body is filled with the light of God.  I give thanks for perfect, divine, radiant, vibrant health, youth, beauty, vitality and exquisite happiness.

This is a wonderful meditation!

Another area of balance is in giving and receiving.  It is as important to receive as it is to give.  Receiving shows self love.  Over giving, not letting someone give back to you shows just the opposite and attracts it as well.  Giving in the form of tithing is faith in action and you will receive a return if you give from a thankful, joyful heart.  I have lived this way for years and as John Randolph Price says “you just can’t out give God”.  What ever you are looking for in life – joyfully give it – like attracts like and you cannot give without receiving.

In my mind everything is a circle. Newton’s third law of motion – For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  We are never still.  We are perpetually sowing and reaping, experiencing an effect of what we focus on because we are constantly thinking.  Our attention is what sets the energy in motion that returns to us as experience.  So being aware of imbalance and having tools to shift our focus and bring balance are incredibly important.  Attention is magnetic and awareness is power.  We can have balance in our lives and it begins with noticing where our attention is focused and how we are feeling about it in our bodies and going from there!