Happy June

I hope this finds you well.

The card I pulled for this beginning of the month email is “Balance”.  The image I get is a person perched at the edge of a cliff but whose gaze is focused on the sky.  It is a strange picture.  If this person steps forward he could fall over the cliff so it appears he is waiting to be rescued.

Right now you might feel like you are standing on the edge of a cliff waiting for something to happen.  Maybe it is a job or a move or a relationship that you feel will “save” you from your present circumstance.  Or maybe you are being drawn to make a change, take a risk, move out of your comfort zone and have a new experience of you and what you are made of.

Either way the cliff represents dissatisfaction.  Whether you are waiting to be saved from a current situation or contemplating the opportunity for a new adventure, where you are standing is not where you want to be.  The job, the move or the relationship can fall in to the category of salvation or risk and in the present moment they don’t exist the only thing that is real is the cliff, the place where you find yourself right now.

The Balance card is calling your attention away from your circumstances and back to you and your power which is limitless.  When you look for something outside of you to save you, you are negating your power.  Change never comes from outside of you.  You bring about a better situation when you believe you deserve it.  The only thing that exists in your world is what you believe.  You created the cliff so make peace with it.  Focusing on how bad it is and how badly you want out of it only gets you more of the same.   Focus on what you want, not out of desperation to get out of present circumstances, but because you deserve it and you have the power within you to bring it about.  When you change your focus the cliff becomes a path to your next opportunity.

Bottom line is, YOU are your own savior and I am here to help you believe it.

“We cannot experience anything better than our own self definition”

Frederick Eikerenkoetter


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Love and Blessings