The basic idea of Feng Shui is the movement of Chi or life energy.  Doors are the mouth of Chi windows are the eyes of Chi or how Chi enters.  So you want the Chi to enter and circulate through out unimpeded.  You want your home to support you especially your bedroom.  Your bedroom is your starting point you want it to be a place that supports rest and rejuvenation.  No treadmill in the bedroom it implies that you have to work at your relationship and it is not conducive to rest especially if it’s dusty, then it’s conducive to guilt. If you have a TV in there throw a cover over it when you go to bed, put books away in the night stand.  If at all possible don’t have anything that has to do with work in your bedroom or you’ll be working in your sleep instead of resting. These are really simple things really logical and really powerful.  In a nutshell, your bedroom should contain symbols of rest and ease. 

Looking at your bedroom in terms of relationship whether you have one or are manifesting one, have pairs of things, pictures with couples in them.  If you have say candles on your dresser have them in pairs or a small vase with two flowers, it makes an energetic statement of your intention for a relationship.  Stay away from pictures of one single person in the bedroom if you are looking for a relationship. The only photos that should be in the bedroom are of you and your partner not the whole family.  Your bedroom is a sacred place just for you two it should reflect respect for your relationship. If you are looking for some romance, add some red or pink to your bedroom it can be one toss pillow or if a pink toss pillow just won’t work, it can be a piece of pink construction paper taped to the wall behind the headboard where no one will see it.  This is intuitive Feng Shui, all about intention. Of all of the rooms in your house it is most important that your bedroom support you.