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Autumn Sanctuary

Fall always brings my attention to my home and what I want to change in it to welcome the season.  It may sound silly, but I get a lot of satisfaction and joy out of doing a fall cleaning to shift into autumn.   Attention is love and attention is life so when you touch […]

Happy Mid Spring!

Hello My Friends!

Happy Mid – Spring

It is the first of May and there is a wet spring snow falling right now.  In fact, it has been a cool wet spring over all here in Colorado.  I personally love it – it’s free water!  People that like warm weather aren’t thrilled but we’ll have plenty […]

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Perfection Paralysis

The ideal of perfection is a cruel task master. At times it can be motivating and at times it can actually stop our progress completely.
It stands to reason that perfection can be paralyzing because, in this physical world, it is impossible to be perfect. We don’t really even know what perfection is because it […]


Everything in our life is FOR us. Someone once said “The Soul must meet and overcome all of its limitations” and that is what life on the physical plane is all about. We will always want to do, be and have more because that is just who we are as the embodiment of Life […]

Acceptance and Wisdom

I said goodbye to my soul sister, my little Bichon, Clair, on June 2nd and I learned a lot through that experience.

Clair was sixteen and a half and had a great life as the reigning queen of the Universe. She’d done pretty well until a few months ago when she really began to slow […]

Taking Care of Yourself

Recently I was asked a very interesting question; “ How do I take care of myself the way I take care of other people – how do I refocus that outgoing energy in my own direction so that I can feel strong and not depleted?”

The fact of the matter is that taking care of […]

Happy March, Happy Spring, Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

March has a lot going on! Although springtime is usually the snowiest time of year here in Colorado there are already signs of spring outside. As the last batch of snow is melting my lawn is unusually green and there’s green stuff in our flower beds.

If you are feeling a little restless, like you […]

I Love Valentines Day

Because of Valentine’s Day love seems to be the theme for February, you just can’t get away from it. I love Valentine’s Day and all that goes with it, I always have. Big red hearts appeal to me and the fact that it calls our attention to love is not a bad thing at […]

Happy, Happy Holidays!

Happy, Happy Holidays!

2014 was a lightning fast year and here we are at holiday time! Holy cow!! It seems like I just took the Christmas tree down and here I am putting it up again!

I like the holidays but they are certainly an interesting time. This season carries with it a mixed bag of […]

Thoughts, Words, Love

Everything in our lives is the effect or the result of our thoughts. However, effects have no power in and of themselves unless we give them power. It is like a painting. A painting is the effect of the artist’s thought and creativity, it is a thing. Someone might say that the painting moves […]