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Empowerment Scopes January 30 – February 6, 2012

Aries:  Keeping a light heart this week brings a flood of creative ideas.  Amusement not only opens the door for fresh inspiration it actually allows it to unfold in the most efficient, practical and graceful way.   There is no work required only joy and positive expectation.

Taurus:  You are waiting for miracles but you haven’t […]

Empowerment Scopes January 23 – 30, 2012

Aries:  You may be tempted to tone yourself down this week to fit in with those around you but don’t do it.  Your authenticity is your magic, it is what attracts people to you and it is what allows great creativity and genius to flow through you.  Be true to yourself.

Taurus:  You will have […]

Empowerment Scopes January 16th – 23rd, 2012

Aries:  What is the most important thing you want to accomplish or manifest Aries?  If you sit with that for just a moment it will become crystal clear.  Don’t talk yourself out of it and into something less because it seems too much or too big.  There is healing in the knowledge that you […]

Back Home at Last

The posts to my blog page have been sketchy due to my moving from Phoenix to Denver over the holidays.  I am getting settled into my home and things are returning to normal.  I hope your holidays were wonderful and I wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2012.  I believe great things are […]

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Celebrating the Prosperity of Others

Today I want to talk about one  prosperity consciousness principle that has really been in my consciousness lately.  That is the principle of seeing and celebrating the prosperity of others.  This of course includes prosperous and successful people but it includes people that may look like the absolute opposite of prosperous.

We all have […]

The Conscious Mind vs The Subconscious Mind

Empowerment Episode 16 May 9, 2011

Conscious mind vs the Subconscious mind.  We sort of perceive them as enemies but they aren’t.  They just perform completely different functions.

The conscious mind is individual.  It is ego, separateness.  Our conscious mind keeps us safe.  It dictates our responses to whatever is going on outside of us.  The […]

When the Student is ready the Teacher will appear

If you are on a Spiritual path I am sure that you would agree that the truth of that statement goes without question. There have been many times on my journey when people, classes, books or tapes have “shown up” just when I needed them most to take me on to a new phase […]

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Our true nature is Divine, perfect and lacking absolutely nothing. The more we connect to our true nature the more we raise our vibration because we are identifying with our limitlessness.  As our vibration raises things in our lives start to change.  We have raised the bar so to speak, and so life rises […]

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Validation, Self Love and Abundance

Here are a couple of aspects of abundance that you may not be aware of. All of life is Spirit.  Everyone you meet is simply you with a different face and all of us resonate to attention, affection and appreciation.  The first aspect is creating abundance by giving those things to others. I am […]

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Responsibility and Spiritual Evolution

We are all creating our lives every moment we live.  Our thoughts, words, actions and expectations create our reality.  Like it or not that is how it works because it is Universal law.  Creating our lives doesn’t start when we find out about it.  Be nice if it did but we’ve been doing this […]

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