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Major Chakra System Basics

Everything is energy.  Your physical body as well as your spiritual body is energy.  Your thoughts as well as the chair you’re sitting on all energy.  Solid objects are just moving at a slower vibration but it’s all the same stuff.  Your spiritual or energetic body is made up of your chakras and your […]

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Basic Feng Shui for the Bedroom

The basic idea of Feng Shui is the movement of Chi or life energy.  Doors are the mouth of Chi windows are the eyes of Chi or how Chi enters.  So you want the Chi to enter and circulate through out unimpeded.  You want your home to support you especially your bedroom.  Your bedroom […]


We seem to think that intuition comes in flashes that it is an unusual thing but Spirit is always talking to us, always.  We are so used to figuring things out, making plans, doing things the way we always have that we don’t listen to that still small voice.  It’s kind of sad to […]

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“Havingness” the First Step to Manifesting What You Want

Havingness is the ability to have what is in your life right now whether it’s what you want or not.  The starting point of manifesting what you want in your life is accepting what you have in your life.  You cannot go past anything that you don’t accept and take responsibility for.  So if […]

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Everyday Empowerment

When you hear the word empowerment it sounds like something you have to work for years to achieve.  Not so.  There are many simple ways in which we can be empowered.  To me empowerment is a feeling.  It is the feeling I get when I connect to Source.  Our true nature is Divine and […]

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Let it Go! A Short Lesson in Self Love

What does your self talk sound like?  When you make a mistake or do something silly can you be kind to your self and find amusement in the situation or do you condemn your self and relive the incident for the rest of the day?  You wouldn’t dream of doing that to someone else.  […]

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Aging and the Soul

“The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected.”  Swedish proverb

At some juncture as we age the question “What’s the point?” will probably arise.  Change is inevitable.  Retirement from a career in which we yielded some power and control, children raised and moved on, spouse gone, friends no longer in touch, age-related health issues are […]

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