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Practicing the Presence

I get a lot of inspiration for my show from my sessions with my clients and when an issue comes up for several of them it lets me know that they are probably not the only ones experiencing it. Over the past week or so the recurring question has been;

“I know what I want […]

Intutition and Expansion

Increase is what all men and all women are seeking; it is the urge of the Formless Intelligence within them, seeking fuller expression. Original Substance wants to live all that is possible in you, and wants you to have all that you can or will use for the living of the most abundant life." -Wallace Wattles So going forward I will be looking at the many aspects of Increase or Expansion and I say many because Expansion is the energy that informs everything we do. Fear, doubt and negative belief stifles that expansion and resists the urge of Life that is at the very core of our being. Wallace definitely brought me to a new understanding and if you can’t tell, I am excited about it and excited to share it with you. So for a minute I want to talk about intuition where expansion is concerned.

Expansion and Desire

“The Universal Mind is Omnipotent and Omnipresent; it surrounds you like the sunshine and air. Your subconscious mind is a part of the universal Mind and through your subconscious self you have access to the mighty wisdom and power of the universal mind. When you realize this fact there is no limit to your achievement. For the mind does its building solely by the power of thought. Its creations take form in exact accord with your mental image, and it is DESIRE that builds the mental image for you.

The Power Tool of Peace!

Peace is a tremendous power tool. That may sound strange, but then a lot of things I say sound strange, so just float along with me for a few minutes as I explain. At a time when you were really “up against it” believing your way through a tough situation you may have experienced what the bible calls; “the peace that passes understanding”. Even though outer appearances had not changed, something inside you shifted and this peace took over that made no sense, based on what was going on, but was there none the less. There is another more directed experience of peace and that is when you use the peace that you inherently have within you as a tool. You find this Peace when you turn inward and make that connection to the God Self. When you just get quiet and exalt God in the midst of you and feel ALL THAT IS within you and all around you. This is a powerful place.

PRESENCE: How We Show Up for Life

What is it that you desire from life, what do you want to experience in life, what do you want to contribute to life? Those questions require you to think individually and unitarily at the same time. You have to be aware that you impact everything around you. That you have a responsibility to put your best foot forward because what you vibrate at you attract. Life is your mirror and the more your consciousness is filled with grace and Source the more it will be reflected back to you and benefit you and the Whole. You never do anything good for yourself that does not raise the vibration of the Whole. It is important to get that into your consciousness. You are the microcosm of the macrocosm. You are one with limitless love and limitless life and your world exists in your field of awareness and it is up to you to give to your world what you want to receive from it.

Divine Design

Divine Design may not sound like a power tool but keep an open mind and by the end of this article you may find that surrendering to the Divine Design of your life is a powerful means to make profound changes in your life. I certainly have. “The divine idea of your life often flashes across your consciousness as something too good to be true. Very few people fulfill their destinies. Destiny means the place you were destined to fill. We are fully equipped for the divine design of our lives. We are more than equal to every situation.” Florence Scovel Shinn In the past I have tiptoed around the concept of the Divine design of my life because I was concerned that it might not be what I want. It’s like praying “Thy Will be Done”. I remember saying that and just feeling that little catch in my throat thinking “what if God’s will isn’t what I want.” The truth is...

Balance as a Power Tool

Based on the work that I do and in observing myself, I believe that we set very stringent standards or parameters for ourselves and that this typically contributes to imbalance. There tends to be a focus on one or two areas of life to the exclusion of others. In my life, this focus is on work because my work really is my life. But my work is not a “9 to 5” job. Though I think it would be much easier to be more balanced if it was. But I love what I do. It is my heart and definitely my calling but what I have discovered is that I place rules on myself that God would laugh at.

Power Tools for Powerful Results – LOVE

Love!? An energetic tool you say? I say Yes! I am not talking about emotional love I am talking about love as a vital energy to be used to manifest our good and create harmony in our lives. The energy of love manifests as money and every other good thing to enjoy and share. Love is powerful, expansive and magnetic. If we choose to see and love the highest and best in others, we are seeing and loving their God Self which is perfect and which is our God Self. We are looking past the personality and behavior that we might have judgments about and we are going right to the Truth. By doing this we are identifying with and blessing our own limitlessness and we are expanding the expression of that limitlessness within them which in turn expands within us simply because we are acknowledging it. We always agree with their perfection thereby making it our own and never agree with what appears to be “wrong” because in doing so we make it our own as well. Remember every one is an aspect of our own self image. Every one is a mirror for us and if we love the best in them that is what they will show us. That is powerful! Love is THE energetic power tool.

Fall Begins

Right now it appears to me that there is a greater energy that is stimulating the desire for change. I don't know exactly what it is but I am impressed by the number of people I talk to that are either contemplating or are actually in the midst of making substantial changes in their lives. Fall is a motivator but this desire for change seems to be motivated by more than just the changing season itself.

My Evolving Relationship with Faith

As humans, we use faith in every moment that we live. We have faith that our bodies will work properly, that our cars will take us where we need to go, that we will remember how to drive, etc. The future doesn’t exist until we get there to observe it so we rely a whole lot more on faith than we realize.