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Feng Shui Primer

I have practiced Intuitive Feng Shui for the past 17 years. It doesn’t have to be a mystery!
In fact, it is simple, commonsensical and a lot of fun. This is the first in a series of posts in which I want to take some of the mystery out of the practice of Feng Shui […]

Feng Shui Bagua

This is a great Bagua! 
It has the colors, shapes, elements and the creative and destructive cycles represented.  Kudos to Chanan for creating this.
Kelly Whetstone


The Body

The Body


We are constantly given opportunities for expansion.  In fact, the experiences that we would judge as bad or negative are greater opportunities for expansion than the ones we judge as good.  The expansion comes from not personalizing them but observing them.  That is when we get a taste of our divine nature.

I have […]

Easy Feng Shui – Clutter

I want to give you what I feel is a fundamental tenet of Feng Shui: CLUTTER IMPEDES ENERGY. You want the Life Force Energy or Chi to flow through and vitalize every area of your home, thereby vitalizing the different aspects of your life.  That is the goal of practicing Feng Shui.  Clutter stops […]

Fame and Reputation – Tell the World Who You Are


There are so many avenues available to empower us in creating the lives we really want to experience.  We inherently have within us the power to create whatever we desire.  It sits there at the center of our being waiting to be recognized and allowed to express.  The different methods are keys that unlock […]

Creating an Environment for Success Working From Home





Creating an empowering environment is fundamental to success in life whether you use the principles of Feng Shui or other energy work. The Universal law “what you focus on expands” or “like attracts like” is always in effect.  If you love what surrounds you your environment supports you.  It feels good to be there, […]

An Environment for Success

“You cannot control what goes on outside of you.  You can only control your response to it and your environment.” Oprah Winfrey
I had the privilege and pleasure this last week of doing a remote energy healing and Feng Shui consultation for a client of mine in Las Vegas.  My client is a foreclosure […]

Feng Shui Made Easy- More Prosperity Areas of the Bagua

This article deals with other areas of the bagua related to prosperity. A general understanding and simple cures are presented toward the goal of improving the flow of Chi and manifesting prosperity.

Another prosperity area is the Happy Family area.  This area is in the middle left of the bagua in front of the Prosperity […]

Feng Shui Made Easy- Prosperity, The Power Corner of the Bagua

The next couple of articles deal with Prosperity. There are many areas in the bagua that are related to Prosperity. The Prosperity Corner in the bagua has to do with luxury.  It is a Power Corner in Feng Shui so it is due respect and reverence. It is a power corner because money is […]

Feng Shui Made Easy- Using Color, Elements and Shapes as Cures

When practicing Feng Shui, the objective is to improve the flow of Chi (energy). Sometimes the layout of your home or your furnishings and décor conflicts or impedes the Chi. There are many ways or “cures” to fix these situations. Colors and “elements”, among other things, can be used as cures if a conflicting […]