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Divine Ideas Never Conflict


Divine Ideas Never Conflict
Every morning, before I get out of bed, I release the day.  I turn it over to Spirit and ask for help to stay out of the way of divine order.  I use Joel S. Goldsmiths prayer:

Father, this is YOUR day, the day that You have made. I rejoice and am […]


Forgiveness is an important topic worth revisiting, because my understanding of it, like everything else, evolves as I evolve.
   I am a student of Joel S. Goldsmith and The Infinite Way.  You can listen to his tapes on YouTube.  I’ve been listening to a tape called the Infinite Nature of Yourself.  I want […]

 Relationship with a Twist

 Relationship with a Twist
This article is about relationship, but not necessarily romantic relationships and that is where twist comes in and the opportunity to open our heads and think a little differently about relationship.  
The Oxford Dictionary’s definition of relationship is:
The way in which two or more people or things are connected, or the state […]

Being Available

Being Available
As personalities, humans can do nothing – all of the action in our experience, from breathing and metabolizing our food to expressing creativity and talent or the demonstration of something we want in our lives, is Source, Infinite Being, Consciousness.  Maintaining and sustaining us, is God’s job.

What we are called to do is […]

Embracing Your Life


Embracing  Your Life
This article is about embracing your life as it is right here and right now.  Not just accepting it but embracing it and every aspect of it. Accepting your body, work, relationships, spirituality, home, etc. allows you to move past what you don’t like and expanding what you do like.  
The Oxford […]

Happy Thanksgiving

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Happy New Year 2014

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The Power Tool of Support

We share our dreams and intentions with friends and family which rarely works in our favor because, in doing so, we are inviting opinions and judgments that may not be supportive. We often go to other people looking for the “green light” before trusting our own inner voice and intuition. We forget where those dreams and intentions come from.
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Wonder- as an Energetic Power Tool

We use the word all the time and wonderful happens to be one of my favorite adjectives. I believe we can consciously use wonder to attract something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable. Let’s explore the concept of wonder as an energetic power tool.

Non-Resistance, a Power Tool?

We constantly desire something better; it is what we are built for, we embody pure creativity. What we have to know is that there is always growth involved in manifesting intentions. When you are moving forward, obstacles appear on your path that resist your forward motion and that show you what you fear. The way you deal with them is through non-resistance. As long as you resist a situation it will persist; what ever you fight, fights back, and whatever you focus on expands. So if you are undisturbed by it, meaning you are not emotionally attached, it falls away by its own weight.