Today I want to talk about one  prosperity consciousness principle that has really been in my consciousness lately.  That is the principle of seeing and celebrating the prosperity of others.  This of course includes prosperous and successful people but it includes people that may look like the absolute opposite of prosperous.

We all have the same amount of Divinity within us and therefore we all have the same potential to become conscious of that Divinity and allow that consciousness to create prosperous and successful lives.

John Randolph Price says:  Each and every soul throughout the universe is a spiritual being and since my I AM is your I AM whatever I am saying about you I am saying about me, If I criticize you, I am criticizing myself.  If I see you as poor and weak and unfulfilled I am seeing myself as poor and weak and unfulfilled…..AND WHAT I SEE OR SAY ABOUT MYSELF IS CONDITIONING MY COUSCIOUSNESS ACCORDINGLY.  Because of the way the Law works if I believe you are suffering from any kind of lack, I am calling for the experience of lack in my life.

We live what we believe.  That is really powerful.  Rev. Ike says that when he sees a homeless person he always says I see the best in you.  He says never agree with the apparent state of the person but agree with the truth of who they are.  He said that when Jesus healed people he never agreed that they were sick he never saw them as sick he called the wellness within them forward.  He told the lame man “Get up and walk”.

That is a big lesson for us.  Stop agreeing with lack or sickness.  Your faith or your vibration attracts what you have and what you experience in life because like attracts like.

Neville Goddard talks about using your imagination to see others agree with you for your prosperity or healing.  In his book Prayer, The Art of Believing.  He says that if you need some help believing in the good that you want to create.  Imagine a friend of yours standing in front of you affirming that you already have it.  Imagine them congratulating you on your new job or how healthy you look or what ever it is. Really be in that conversation receiving the support.

Another way is to see a friend experiencing what you are looking to manifest and celebrate it for them.  Celebrate their success.  Hear them tell you of their good fortune which is exactly what you are creating and be thrilled for them.  This is a way of creating agreement.  And as Neville says, “the good you subjectively accept as true for others will not only be expressed by them, but a full share will be realized by you”.

I found these concepts exciting and I wanted to pass them on.  We are all one and if we see the best and highest in everyone we are simply affirming it for ourselves.  That is so simple yet so powerful.