Creating an empowering environment is fundamental to success in life whether you use the principles of Feng Shui or other energy work. The Universal law “what you focus on expands” or “like attracts like” is always in effect.  If you love what surrounds you your environment supports you.  It feels good to be there, it is motivating and inspiring.  This is especially important if you work at home.

Everything is energy.  We and our surroundings are all energy in mutual exchange and constant communication.  We take on the energy of people and situations we encounter in daily life and we are affected by the energy of our surroundings.

We have all walked into a room that felt uncomfortable or heavy and we have all walked into a room that felt warm and welcoming.  This is an experience of energy.  Walls are the energetic records of everything that has ever happened within them.  The emotions of every person and every conversation are imprinted on them.

There is constant communication going on between you and the things that surround you within your walls as well.  A stack of unopened mail makes you feel uneasy whether you are consciously aware of it or not because, on an energetic level, it is unfinished business.  It is waiting for you to do something with it.  If it is junk mail, throw it away, if it is a bill, open it and put it away to be paid when you are ready to do so.  The rule is handle it once that way it doesn’t become a huge project you have to face.

On an energetic level that stack of mail is unfinished business. On the physical level it is clutter.  From the Feng Shui perspective clutter impedes energy.  Life energy or Chi flows in through doors and windows and invigorates the various aspects of your life as it does.  When there is clutter the flow of Chi is stopped.

If you have things around you that you don’t love the flow of Chi is stopped.  If you love the things that surround you, you get that love reflected back to you which enhances the flow of life energy because it makes you happy.  If you don’t love something the energy is stagnant because it has no purpose.

Working at home can be challenging.  There are many more elements to it than if you worked outside of the home. You have to set boundaries. You may decide to begin work at a certain time but there are dirty dishes in the sink or the laundry needs to be done. Set your priorities. Alot time for house work and business so that they don’t interfere with the other.  And don’t forget that down time is also a priority.  When you work at home it is easy to work a lot more than if you worked in an office. The balance is essential.

It is very important that you have a work space that is only your work space not the kitchen table.  Your work is important and you deserve to have your own space to work in.  It validates you as a professional.  Even if it is a small space it has a singular purpose and that allows you to focus and accomplish.  Have things in your work space that make you feel good, simple things, an inspiring quote on the wall or some flowers.

Think about the energy exchange between you and the things that make you feel good. That good feeling goes right into your work.  Create your own sanctuary to work in. It will support your success.