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Divine Design may not sound like a power tool but keep an open mind and by the end of this article you may find that surrendering to the Divine Design of your life is a powerful means to make profound changes in your life.  I certainly have.

“The divine idea of your life often flashes across your consciousness as something too good to be true.  Very few people fulfill their destinies.  Destiny means the place you were destined to fill.  We are fully equipped for the divine design of our lives.  We are more than equal to every situation.”  Florence Scovel Shinn

In the past I have tiptoed around the concept of the Divine design of my life because I was concerned that it might not be what I want.  It’s like praying “Thy Will be Done”.  I remember saying that and just feeling that little catch in my throat thinking “what if God’s will isn’t what I want.”

The truth is that concern was very “small” thinking on my part.  The idea that I (personality I) could possibly know what is the absolute best for me is ridiculous!  It is laughable if you stop and think about it.

God is everything.  I think about a line from the Abundance Book by John Randolph Price:

“There is no emptiness in my Universe, no shortage, no limitation.  All is forever filled full”.

We are the embodiment of pure Source, pure God, expressing and the divine design of our lives has to include Health, Wealth, Love and Creative Expression – The Divine Standards or the Square of Life.

Florence Scovel Shinn says that every individual is “A perfect idea in the mind of God, Divine Mind”.

Now think about a perfect idea that you might have, regarding work, or love, or health or anything and then think how much more perfect it is in Divine Mind! – Nothing would be left out!  The thought of that just blows me away.  It is a lot easier to be in non resistance or detachment when you think in those terms.

We embody that perfect idea and we can realize it in our human lives.  Here is a great affirmation to work with: “Now let the Divine Idea express in my body, mind and affairs”.  That affirmation is you lining up with perfection and letting it run ahead and make your way.  This is wonderful stuff!

The creativity of the Universe is constantly moving forward, creating what has not been experienced before, and expanding.  I love the term that Esther Hicks/Abraham uses when he says that we are the “leading edge of thought.”  The leading edge is forward motion and that is where our focus should be.

We cannot fulfill the divine design or our destiny if we hold on to our story and reference the past.  It just can’t be done.  The past is dead weight.

From the ego/personality’s point of view, all of the negative things that happened in the past are real and you have to keep paying for them.  Guilt, fear and judgment keep them fresh and if you leave them behind how will you know who you are?  You will lose your identity.  The truth is – the things that happened in the past aren’t real, they aren’t alive and everything is transmuted into the light by forgiveness.  We are not under the law of Karma we are under the law of grace and the ego just doesn’t know what to do with that.

The thing that impressed me most about surrendering to the divine design is that it made it easier to let the past go because I know that it contributes nothing to my limitless future – Nothing! I believe in celebrating your demonstrations, what you have manifested what you have done well and then moving on expecting to celebrate new demonstrations!   The past contains good memories too but when we identify with something we did well in the past we have to ask ourselves if we have some fear that maybe it can’t be repeated.  What you have done well in the past is a motivator to do it again or do something better!

Celebrate your gifts and talents, honor and love yourself now.  The old you is dead – literally! Our bodies are constantly being remade, old cells die and new ones take their place and we have a completely new body every few years.  So truthfully the you that causes you the guilt is dead! HA!!  So let her or him rest in peace and move on!

Are you up for the challenge of surrendering to the divine design of your life, knowing that it is the ultimate of every good thing?  If so, here is a wonderful affirmation from Catherine Ponder.

“I now release everything and everyone that are no longer a part of the Divine Plan of my life.  Everything and everyone that are no longer a part of the Divine Plan of my life now release me.

I now let go and let God unfold the divine plan of my life.  I am now attuned to the divine plan of my life.  I now cooperate with the divine plan of my life.  The God Self within me now manifests the divine plan of my life quickly and in peace.

I now recognize, accept and follow the divine plan of my life as it is revealed to me step by step.  I rejoice in the divine plan which is the sublime plan and which includes health, wealth, happiness and perfect self expression for me NOW.”

It takes faith to turn your life over but by doing so you make yourself available to limitless possibility and, personally, I am excited to see what that looks like.