Divine Ideas Never Conflict

Every morning, before I get out of bed, I release the day.  I turn it over to Spirit and ask for help to stay out of the way of divine order.  I use Joel S. Goldsmiths prayer:

Father, this is YOUR day, the day that You have made. I rejoice and am glad in it.  Reveal to me the work of this day.  Show me Your decisions, not mine but Yours and let your will alone be the motivating and activating principle in my life this day.

A few days ago, I was following my normal practice but even as I was releasing the day, I was feeling a little anxious about it.  Some days are very busy and on that particular day there was a sale on 12Listen, so I was going to sign on earlier than usual.  I also had to do some writing and prep to do for class and I had an email reading to record.  I was trying to figure out how to get the writing and recording done on what would most likely be a very busy phone day.  So, I was way ahead of myself and trying to take over the day that I had just released.

As I got out of bed the words “Divine Ideas Never Conflict” came into my head – out of nowhere.  That is a Florence Scovel Shinn statement that I had not thought of in years.  But I immediately got the meaning; when you truly turn something over to Spirit, truly release the day, order takes over, so does perfection.  You may have a million things to do but a peace comes in, the anxiousness leaves and you are in the place of the observer, following direction and observing as things get done without conflict.  It is an incredible thing to watch.  The phone doesn’t ring until there is a pause in what I am doing.  I go to write or prepare for class and the missing piece shows itself and the thing I was stuck on evaporates.  It is just kind of crazy and wonderful.  Divine Ideas or priorities make themselves known and as I follow, nothing gets lost or forgotten and nothing overlaps.  And this might sound funny, but time also seems to cooperate – kind of like it goes a little slower so that what needs to get done, gets done.  Along with all of that, it is a very mentally clear and motivated space to work from. 

I know all this, I have experienced it time after time, so I am conscious of the anxiousness which is the complete opposite of that clear space and I know I have to address it.

That morning I took that phrase, Divine Ideas Never Conflict, into my meditation and there was another aspect added to it.  The anxiousness I was feeling was Conflict, which was a sign that I was not yielding to Spirit.  I was believing that it was all up to me that I had to figure the whole thing out.  Every answer exists in my consciousness which supersedes all limitation and restriction and all I have to do is allow it to show up, which means stop struggling!  Stop pushing.  In quietness and confidence is my strength, be still and listen.  Then follow, not lead, but follow.

The Divine Idea is ease! So, if I am anxious, I am not in the Divine Idea, I’m blocking it.  I am being the kink in my own bicycle chain. 

Florence said that “Everything is perfect and complete in Divine Mind, so man must ever hold the vision of his journey’s end and demand the manifestation of that which he has already received.  It may be his perfect health, love, supply, self-expression, home or friends.

They are all finished and perfect ideas registered in Divine Mind, (man’s own Superconscious mind), and must come through him not to him.”

I really like the way she said hold the vision of his journey’s end and demand the manifestation of that which he has already received.  She doesn’t mean demanding it from God, it is up to us to manifest it by believing it and opening out a way for it to express in our physical experience.

Holding the vision of the journeys end does not mean being attached to an outcome.  Attachment is resistance.  When you really want something to happen you are resisting what’s in your current reality and you are restricting the flow.  We only ever want something because we believe we do not have it.  That is the polar opposite of developing the consciousness of the journey’s end which already exists in our consciousness.  Wanting resists having. 

An interesting question to ask ourselves is; What are we attached to? Attachment is emotional and if you look at it, we are attached to a lot of things.  That is where the ideas of right and wrong come in.  For example, if someone you know is ill, you are most likely attached to them getting well but that attachment doesn’t bring wellness – it is focused on the problem and the discomfort you feel because they are ill.   That is not productive.  Wellness comes from focus on their True Nature.  Looking past the appearance of illness to the Divine Idea or perfection, that they are in the Mind of God.   If you are trying to help someone with their problems, most likely you are focused on the problems.  Solutions cannot come when you are focused on the problem, they can’t get in.  You cannot be the problem solver. However, the solution can come through you if you allow it. 

Attachment to anything in the physical is resistance to our true nature or the Divine Idea.  When I am attached to getting something done, I am not allowing whatever it is to be done through me.  That is the difference.  Attachment to anything in the physical is resistance to the Divine Idea because we have made whatever or whoever we are attached to a false god, meaning that we are looking to it or them for fulfillment of some sort and that can never come from outside of our own consciousness.  That is an important thing to realize. 

Florence Scovel Shinn said, “So we see, man’s work is ever with himself.” 

She also said; One’s ships come in over a calm sea – FSS

When we are anxious, we are attached to some outcome.  When we truly turn that over, as in Reveal to me the work of this day – show me Your decisions, God and then follow what you are shown, you become the observer of the Divine Idea in expression Because you have yielded to the perfection of your own being.  And poof!  Anxiousness is replaced by accomplishment!

Kelly Whetstone