I want to give you what I feel is a fundamental tenet of Feng Shui: CLUTTER IMPEDES ENERGY. You want the Life Force Energy or Chi to flow through and vitalize every area of your home, thereby vitalizing the different aspects of your life.  That is the goal of practicing Feng Shui.  Clutter stops that flow.  Everything has a place where it belongs.  Think about how you feel when your desk is piled with mail and papers or there piles of clothes on your bedroom floor.  Clutter is distracting and stressful because energetically it is unfinished business demanding your attention.  The first place to start if you want to amp up the energy in your home is addressing the issue of clutter.  This, in my opinion, is the first cure and you don’t have to know another thing about Feng Shui for this to benefit you.  Here are some tips.

Take a look at what you have in your home.  Do you like it?  You want to have things in your home that have good feelings associated with them because that raises your energy.  IF YOU DON’T LOVE IT GIVE IT AWAY!  If you have stuff sitting around that you never pay attention to, don’t use and don’t touch, it is stagnant and falls under the category of clutter.  Someone else will love it.  This includes things you’ve received as gifts.  This frees up space for Chi to move and for what you do want to come in.  When you give things away with good intention you open the door to receive good things.  That is Universal Law.

I know that sometimes clutter can look insurmountable so take it slow.  It didn’t happen over night.  Take your time and set reasonable goals to clear it.  Go through the pile of magazines and catalogs and ask yourself if you are really going to read them or purchase something from them.  Keep the ones that you truly will use and then recycle the catalogs and donate the magazines to your local library.  You don’t have to go through them all at once be gentle with yourself.  Once you start you just may find it energizing because you will begin to feel the movement of energy.

Mail can be another clutter item.  Open your mail when you receive it. Throw away the junk.  Keep the bills and their return envelopes and any thing else that is important, throw away the envelopes that they came in and put them away.  This way you have looked at them and handled them once until its time to do something with them.

After you have worn your clothes either hang them up or put them in a hamper to be washed.  Don’t allow yourself to toss them on a chair in your bedroom thinking you’ll deal with them later.  Take care of them when you are finished wearing them.  This goes back to the rule of handling them once or ”economy of effort”.  It also shows respect and appreciation for what you have and for yourself and teaches your children that lesson.

Go through your closet and give away anything you didn’t wear last season because you probably never will.  I try to give clothes and other things away every time the Veteran’s have a pick up day.  I remind myself that it’s been hanging in my closet but someone really can use it and will appreciate it.  Giving makes space for something new.  If you would love some new clothes but your closet is jam packed there isn’t room for anything new.  So grab a trash bag to fill with items to donate, make some space for you and bless someone else.  It’s a win/win proposition and it will make you feel good.