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Another in the Easy Feng Shui series of articles that makes feng shui accessible, practical and easy to implement. Each area of the ba gua pertains to some part of your life. Fame and Reputation is the area that is about you.  This area is where you are making a statement about who you are and what you want to be known for. What do you want people to think of you?

Areas of the bagua that affirm a personal statement.

I am hoping that through these articles you see that you are the creator.  With your intention, using Feng Shui as a tool, you change your life.  The cures and enhancements you make are physical affirmations of your intentions.  They empower your intentions by reminding you of them every time you see them.  They are powerful everywhere but I feel they are especially powerful in the Fame and Reputation area. Each area of the bagua pertains to some part of your life. Fame and Reputation is the area that is about you.  This area is where you are making a statement about who you are and what you want to be known for.

The Fame and Reputation area is the place to put your best foot forward to promote yourself the way you want others to see you.  If you are an artist put your art on the walls, if you are a photographer, your photos should be on the walls.  You can put diplomas or awards in this area.  The Career area is directly across from Fame and Reputation and the two should balance and support each other.  A good reputation is important in order to be successful in your career.  Have things that affirm who you are and what you want to be known for in both places.  Be sure that whatever is hanging on the walls promotes and supports your intentions about yourself. 

What do you want people to think of you?

These are the areas where you get to be creative and energetically make that happen.  Set the stage here for how you want the world to know you. You can use this area to empower other areas.  You can have objects in this area that state your intention of you in a relationship or, or as a wise person, or a prosperous and generous person, a creative person, a healthy person, etc.

The fame and reputation area of the ba gua is located at the rear center or middle top of the ba gua directly opposite the career section from the center front of your house.  The color associated with the fame and reputation area is red.  The element is fire and the shape is triangular or pointed. This is the place for candles.  Using the creative cycle you will have wood or the representation of wood in this area because wood feeds fire.  Wood is green and rectangular shaped.  A good representation of wood is a tall plant.  The element you do not want in this area is water.  Water is black and the shape is free form or undulating.  If the element of water is present then bring in the element of earth.  Earth is yellow or earth tone colors and the shape is square. 

When ever you place a cure or an enhancement in an area put a specific intention into it.  Say you have a large black sofa in your den which is your fame and reputation area.  You can’t move it so cure it with some yellow pillows or a throw with earth tone colors in it and as you place the pillows on the sofa put your intention into the pillows.  State their purpose.  That is all you have to do and you will feel the shift in the energy.  You certainly don’t want the water represented by the black sofa dousing the fire of your reputation.  Always remember cures and enhancements do not have to be big or even seen.  A piece of yellow construction paper placed on the wall behind the sofa or underneath it with intention will do the trick.

You can write these affirmations and place them in red envelopes and treat the fame and reputation area as its own bagua and place them in the appropriate areas within it.  As with any affirmation, write it in present tense and that it is yours now ie; “I am a phenomenally prosperous person and I generously share my abundance with the world.  I am known for my generosity”.   No one has to see them so hide the envelopes out of sight and let them work for you. 

When ever you are manifesting anything keep it to yourself.  Empower your intention with affirmations until you become the thing that you are manifesting.  No one else should be part of this process.  You will dilute your power if you share what you are doing with any one else because they will most likely input their ideas and energy into your creation or tell you why you can’t or shouldn’t have what you are creating.  All you need is you because you are limitless.

Use the fame and reputation area to boldly state who you are, what you are good at and why the world should know you. 


Kelly Whetstone