Embracing  Your Life

This article is about embracing your life as it is right here and right now.  Not just accepting it but embracing it and every aspect of it. Accepting your body, work, relationships, spirituality, home, etc. allows you to move past what you don’t like and expanding what you do like.  

The Oxford definition of embrace is the act of accepting or supporting something willingly and enthusiastically.

Now there may be some aspects of your life that you feel you just cannot embrace so take it slow, make an attempt.  If you release your resistance to it and keep trying, it will become easier.  If at this moment you can’t embrace it, you can become neutral to it.  Use neutrality as a power tool to shift your perspective.  Remember the effect of anything upon you is the result of your perception and judgement of it.  Period.

Basically, in the act of embracing your life you are releasing resistance to what you don’t like.  Resistance to anything is struggle, it puts up a barrier to experiencing what you do want.  If you want a new car, and you hate the car that you have, you are not only closing the door on a new car but bolting it shut.  The energies of dissatisfaction and receiving are mutually exclusive, unless you want more dissatisfaction.  The only way to receive something new is to accept what is. 

The most important thing to remember is that you are not alone in this.  Within you, as your consciousness, is the all providing Infinite Self, total and complete wellbeing and when you stop struggling, you allow IT to flow and demonstrate in your life, not only in your life but AS your life.  

There is no effort in this and that just goes against the human grain because humans like to struggle. Effort is defined as “The use of physical or mental energy to do something.”

We forget that the Infinite Self is our Self, no separation. We are never separate from IT.  IT is all knowing, all doing, and all being – all the time.  That is a big thing to comprehend, I think it takes lifetimes to comprehend it.  But that doesn’t mean we leave to the next go round, we try.  And the way we try is through connection to the Infinite Self, experiencing IT and trusting IT.

Just thinking about or meditating on the truth that nothing is unknown to the Infinite Self blows my mind, I’m serious!  And our small baby steps toward understanding and experiencing the Infinite Self bring healing and ease.  Ease is the absence of difficulty or effort.  “When we refrain from struggle God takes over”.  Joel S Goldsmith

It is worth mentioning again, that the Infinite Self is all providing.  Think of the word provide.  We work to provide for ourselves and our families.  Certainly, we must live, we must have food, shelter, clothing.  But if we give up the idea that we must provide and consciously become the vehicles for provision to demonstrate through, struggle falls away and abundance flows.  Again, we must remember that we are not separate from our Source – the Source of everything, and to the extent that we allow IT, IT will provide everything we need.   

Kelly Whetstone