Aries:  Expect new work opportunities this week, Aries.  You may be required to learn something new, to possibly apprentice for a short period of time.  Even though that may not be exactly what you had in mind, it will benefit you in the long run.  Maintain your sense of humor, be enthusiastic and make it a good experience.

Taurus:  Stay grounded and in touch with your guidance this week, Taurus.  Be aware that someone you thought had your best interest at heart may give you false information to persuade you to buy or invest in something.  Your intuition will help you discern exactly what to do.  Rely on it.

Gemini:  Inspiration is the word of the week, Gemini.  You are being given a glimpse of the “High Road” and it feels wonderful.  Remain flexible and you will see that inspiration develop from an idea to a viable plan.  You will be led in the most productive way if you allow it and don’t try to control it.

Cancer:   Accept the task that is ahead of you.  It is a huge time commitment but will be worth every minute.  The fulfillment you will experience cannot be over stated.  Check in with your heart and you will know it is the right thing to do.  Once you make the decision the stress you are feeling will dissolve.

Leo:  Maintain your quality of work Leo even if those around you are satisfied with mediocrity.   It can be difficult when you are the odd man out but you can’t compromise your integrity to make others feel better.  Be willing to live by a higher standard and you will attract people and circumstances that will support it.

Virgo:   You are having second thoughts about plans you have made.  Don’t dismiss them.  It is time to dig a little deeper into your motivation.  It is really your desire or are you trying to make someone else happy?  This is an opportunity to look a second time before you leap. 

Libra:   You are being blessed, Libra on many levels.  Realize that these blessings are not by chance but are the result of the work that you have done in both the physical and spiritual realms.  Validate your self for being the powerful creator that you are and celebrate the expansion that you are experiencing.

Scorpio:   Celebrate yourself for your tenacity, Scorpio.  It ultimately plays a big part in your success.  You have great ideas that will make a valuable contribution to the completion of a project.  Keep talking about them, you are about to be heard by those that actually implement them.

Sagittarius:  Don’t get too comfortable, Sagittarius.  You are enjoying the fruits of your labor but this is not the ultimate prize.  You are about to embark on a more expansive journey which will result in even greater prosperity and peace.  This is a wonderful time, enjoy it.

Capricorn:  Now you can move ahead, Capricorn.  Obstacles melt before your eyes.  You can feel your alignment with spirit and see the doors opening ahead of you.  This momentum is affirmation that you are on the right track.  Don’t second guess it just get on board.

Aquarius:   The change you have been longing for is about to show up, Aquarius.  Something new, bright and inspiring is moving toward you.  Shake off the dust of boredom and get prepared because this new opportunity will be both exciting and challenging.  Just what you need to make the world aware of your talents.

Pisces:   Look for an improvement in business this week, Pisces.  Keep doing what you have been doing but place a little extra emphasis on marketing.  Your clients need to be reminded that you are there and ready to help.  Come from the heart and notice the response.