Aries:   You are feeling strong and confident this week Aries.  You know the depth and value of your knowledge and you will have the opportunity to share it with very receptive people.  Don’t hesitate.  You may even impress yourself.

Taurus:   There may be an obstacle that appears out of nowhere this week, Taurus.  The only way past is through and the way through is gratitude.  Don’t resist the problem but don’t focus on it either.  Acknowledge it and then shift to being grateful for all that is working so brilliantly in your life.  This is a temporary bump in the road.

Gemini:  You are being directed to be a little nicer to yourself this week, Gemini.  A lot of self judgment has your body and spirit in need of a healing.  It is time for huge helping of self love.  Look in the mirror and see your self clothed in the Glory of God.  That is the truth of who you are.  Feel it and let it heal you.

Cancer:   You must move toward what ever you are looking to manifest, Cancer.  There is action required on your part so let go of doubt, rely on your creativity and live from your desired end result.  Figure out what you would be doing if your desire were manifest right now and do it.

Leo:  Having honesty and integrity as your method of operation takes courage, Leo.  Your unwillingness to compromise your values brings rewards.  The rough road smooths out and you come out stronger and with even greater faith and conviction.

Virgo:   Life is opening up for you, Virgo.  You can feel the expansiveness in your being.  Don’t be surprised if an unexpected opportunity for travel comes up.  It is like a beautiful banquet table is set before you, just for you.  Be available for everything coming your way and choose what suits you.

Libra:   You must give to receive, Libra.  If you are looking for a situation to turn around you are the key component.  The quality of your involvement will be the measure of your reward.  Once you show your commitment harmony will be restored.

Scorpio:   In the midst of working toward success your attention is being called away from your mind back to your heart.  You are making strides in the material world but without balance you will not be completely satisfied.  Do something loving for yourself and for those who support you.  It will connect head and heart and feel really good.

Sagittarius:  Now is the time for trust, Sagittarius.  Your business is ready to take off.  Know it, like you know your name.  Hold fast to your faith because you are about to see it manifest.  This is a great time of abundance.

Capricorn:  You have been feeling ungrounded and distracted.  It has been difficult to get your bearings.  The energy is about to shift, let go of resistance and just let yourself be.  This distracting energy will soon be replaced with clarity and struggling against it and judging yourself for it won’t get you anywhere.

Aquarius:  You feel like you have been swimming up stream for ages and your tired.  Don’t let yourself be dragged down.  It is time to move!  Go out and find something to do.  You need some physical activity and action.  Take your focus off of difficulty.  Be spontaneous and have some fun.

Pisces:  Look forward to an opportunity to play this week, Pisces.  It is a lovely time of blessings and abundance.  Things are just working and it is wonderful.  Know that you deserve it and celebrate.