Aries:  You have a lot of ideas buzzing in your head, Aries.  Spending some time in meditation will force them to slow down so that you can choose the ones you want to pursue.  This is a wave of inspiration but in order to make the best of it you will have to get quiet and focus.  In meditation you are the observer of your thoughts which is a very powerful position to be in.

Taurus:  Your willingness to stay the course and hold to your faith is key right now, Taurus.  Don’t be distracted or disappointed if things in your external world aren’t matching your intentions.  Your job is to stay in the end result regardless of what is going on.  Your world is about to burst into bloom so keep the faith.

Gemini:  People around you are depending on you for your wisdom and guidance, Gemini.  They love your enthusiasm and spirit.  What you have to say is important.  You just have to get past second guessing yourself and value your wisdom and knowledge as much as others do.  Opportunities to counsel others will keep on presenting themselves to you.

Cancer:  The full moon eclipse shifted some major energy for you, Cancer.  Matters are being settled that you have been juggling for a long time.  It is as though you can finally take a breath. There were valuable lessons learned in the process that cannot be overlooked but freedom sure tastes sweet.

Leo:  You are taking life way too seriously at the moment, Leo.  It is time to sit down and take a look at what is going on from a place of neutrality and amusement.  Seriousness attracts more of the same until you feel so bogged down that things look hopeless.  They aren’t and simply making the choice to regain your playfulness allows them shrink back down to their proper proportions and you to regain your power over them.  It is like turning on the light.

Virgo:  Don’t let a few bumps in the road throw you, Virgo.  You are on the right track so stay focused.  You have had the idea that these bumps were telling you to change direction, not so, they are just opportunities to let go of some old fears.  Fear is the opposite of love so check in with your heart and rekindle the passion for your desire.  That is your point of power.

Libra:  You have been working on manifesting abundance but before it can show up there has to be room for it.  Let go of physical, mental and emotional clutter.   On the physical level give away what you don’t wear or use.  On the mental/emotional level, use forgiveness to release people and circumstances that are standing in the way of your abundance.  If you are holding a grudge you are holding up the manifestation of your good.

Scorpio:  Communication is key this week, Scorpio.  You cannot read your partners mind and they cannot read yours.  Right now you both need a break, a change of pace.  Go out and do something fun together to change the routine.  It will be like a breath of fresh air and it will give you the opportunity to share what is on your heart.

Sagittarius:  You have been working really hard at changing a situation but no matter what you do you keep running into walls.  It is time to ask for help.  You cannot do this on your own no matter what your ego tells you.  Surrender your attachment to it and turn it over to the Universe.  The shift will be like night and day and what you have worked so hard on miraculously falls into place.

Capricorn:  You have gotten lost in the rush and demands of life, Capricorn.  Your body is asking for attention as is your soul.  You are wonderful at efficiently handling anything that is thrown at you so therefore a lot gets thrown at you.  You are being asked to shift your focus to you and really nurture your self.  This is an opportunity to replenish your self so that you have the energy to handle all of those outside demands.

Aquarius:  You have been feeling a little restless and entertaining thoughts of a new career.  Pay attention to those thoughts and feelings. There is change in the works right now where your work is concerned.  Develop a clear vision of what you really want to do.  You can have exactly what you want you just have to let the Universe know what it is.

Pisces:  Your truth and integrity are the foundation for all that you do.  Right now you have a lot on your plate and you are feeling overwhelmed.   Focus on that foundation and you will be able to set priorities and accomplish what needs to be done.   In the mean time, stop being such a slave driver and show your self some compassion and you will get a lot more done.