Aries: You have been seeking guidance, asking the Universe for answers and feeling unheard. The truth is the answers are available right now but you have not made yourself available to them. Step away from the activity of life into your quiet space. In your meditative state the answers will become apparent. Sometimes the Universe speaks in whispers and we need to get quiet and focused to hear it.

Taurus: You have been experiencing some uncertainty and fear around moving forward with a person or a situation. Ask your self if this is for your highest good and trust the answer. Risk isn’t comfortable but if you are honest with yourself you know that the benefits of seeing it through far outweigh the discomfort. You have a huge ally in Archangel Michael. He is your protector. Call on him to help you release the fear and regain your clarity.

Gemini: In creating your heart’s desire don’t forget that your relationship with yourself is the foundation. Your self acceptance and self worth usher your intention into your reality. You can dream big but if you don’t think you deserve it, it will remain a dream. Practice loving and appreciating yourself for who you truly are, the embodiment of God. Keep that in your mind and your heart and notice things start to move forward.

Cancer: You are being asked to be content where you are. Make peace with every situation in your life. Make peace with your self and every aspect of you. Contentment is a ferociously powerful tool for creating change. Once you are okay with your body and your life exactly as it is you will be able to move beyond what you don’t want to what you do. It works every time.

Leo: An old flame is reignited this week. It may be in the form of a person, a project, an interest or a talent but you will see it with new eyes and renewed passion. Listen to your heart and follow through. There are rich rewards for you if you do. This will be fun!

Virgo: Fall in love with your life, Virgo, no matter what is going on now or what has gone before. Even if you think you are all clear, do a forgiveness exercise or ritual to bring yourself into the present moment. Your good intentions and desires are standing at the door. Create the sacred and loving space for them to occupy and invite them in.

Libra: Everything is telling you that you are on your way. You are on track and on purpose but somehow you just can’t get past those “old” doubts. This is a new day, your day, surrender them to the universe and do not entertain them any longer. You have done your work now it is time for the rewards don’t let shadows of the past steal them from you.

Scorpio: You have the opportunity to step forward in a big way this week, Scorpio. It is like everything in your life is supporting you. Feel your power and use it. You are being Divinely guided. Have the courage to make the leap. You cannot fail.

Sagittarius: Take your focus off of outward appearances. There is much more information available if you look into the heart of a problem intending to understand and not judge. There is always an opportunity hidden in every so called problem. In this case there is healing on a whole other level and the problem is the vehicle that makes you aware of it.

Capricorn: Your honor and integrity does not go unnoticed. The quality of the work that you do and your personal standards comes back to you in the form of abundance. “You get what you give” is universal law and you are about to get. Expand your dreams and know that you are worthy.

Aquarius: The pace is quickening around you. What seemed stagnant for so long is beginning to move. Get in the momentum. Don’t refer to the past just get ready for change. Keep holding your vision of your good desire. Spend time in meditation affirming it, feeling it in your body and know that it is being brought about.

Pisces: A new cycle is beginning. You can feel it deep within you. The difficulties of the past have lost their impact. You have become neutral to them and that neutrality allows you to move forward. Create powerful positive expectations and live in them. You are in a place to create miracles if you just believe it.