Aries:  Being completely and totally honest transforms a situation this week.  What you have not been saying in order to hold it together has actually left it in limbo.  Your heartfelt words will work wonders.  Heartfelt, however, does not mean emotional.  Neutrality is the key.  Say what you have to say without emotion and watch the situation heal.

Taurus:  Take a minute to notice that things are coming together for you.  You have your big dreams and intentions that you are focusing on but notice all of the things that are simply working for you right now.   You are being taken care of.  It is important to notice and celebrate that because small things usher in big things.

Gemini:  The knowingness of who you are and what you are here for has really settled in for you.  You are feeling your power and honoring your knowledge.  Now it is time to use it to help others.  It is also time to share that information with those that are closest to you.  They will support you but you have to let them in.

Cancer:  You are in a growth period right now and it is uncomfortable.  You feel like you are walking in mud up to your chest.  Resistance on your part is contributing to that feeling of frustration.  You are trying to figure out why you are in this state, instead of surrendering to it.   Stop struggling and you will begin to feel better.   A great deal of the lesson is about releasing control.

Leo:  You are looking for creative inspiration outside of yourself and actually it will come from within.  Meditation and dreams have a lot to offer you this week Leo.  Keep paper and pencil close by and write everything down.  It looks like words and images from different sources will fall together to provide just the right fresh new ideas.   Trust that you have within you exactly what you are looking for and expect it to show up.

VIRGO:  Don’t let self doubt get in the way of following your passion.  That fire burning with in you lets you know that you are on track and that the world needs what you will create.   Believe in yourself and believe in your dream, honor it and know that whatever it takes to get it done will be made available to you.

Libra:  Focus has been hard to come by.  It seems like there is no end to distraction and noise.  The distraction and noise are not going anywhere so it is up to you to shift this from within.  Imagine yourself going through your day accomplishing everything you set out to do.  See yourself checking things off your “to do” list.  Really feel the accomplishment.  Get that feeling in your bones and nothing can stop it from becoming reality.   You have the power to shift this.

Scorpio:  An idea has caught your fancy but you just can’t figure out how it could ever work.  You are being invited to let it blossom.  Get quiet and let your imagination run wild with it.  No rules, no structure, no time limit just let it unfold.  As it does, you will receive guidance in how to proceed.  Then take action.

Sagittarius:  The person closest to you is feeling alienated.   Your feelings for them have not changed but the same old routine isn’t giving them the attention they need.   Make a point to do something special to let them know how much they mean to you.  A little tenderness goes a long, happy way this week.

Capricorn:  Don’t negate your self and your value in the name of keep the peace.  Don’t let the apparent chaos and confusion dictate your next move in this situation.  Beneath the surface the wheels are in motion that will bring resolution.  Find the serenity you seek by being true to yourself and what you know.

Aquarius:  You are receiving a lot of information and guidance right now and it is coming from every where.  Out of the blue people are offering their wisdom; your guides and angels are especially close and communicative.  Synchronicity is a common occurrence.   Be aware, listen and expect to be guided and don’t rule anyone or anything out as a source of information.  This is amazing!

Pisces:  Friends play a big role in your life this week.  They show up to inspire and validate you.   Their support is unconditional.  Allow yourself to receive.  Let them know how much you appreciate them.  The time will come when you will be the one offering support, for right now, just receive and be thankful.