ARIES – counselor

You are being asked to share your knowledge this month.  There may be opportunities to lead groups or mentor individuals. Your knowledge is valuable, Aries and this month you will realize just how valuable it is.  People will benefit from what you know and you will benefit from sharing it.  There is a lot of potential here.

TAURUS – leadership

It is time to stop standing in the wings, Taurus.  You are being asked to see your potential and start owning it.  Stop looking at others as knowing more and having more experience.  Stop negating your worth.  There is no getting out of this.  It is not a matter of if, but when.

GEMINI – divine order

It might not look like it but beneath the chaos is the path that leads you out of it.  Keep in mind the chaos is outside of you and path within.  Never loose sight of the fact that the answer to everything is within you, it has just been noisier outside.  Remember to ground, breathe and meditate to quiet that noisy mind and get in touch with your heart.

CANCER – claircognizance

Your intuition is knocking at the door Cancer.  Intuitive insights just keep presenting themselves to you in your thoughts and dreams.  You sometimes recognize them and a lot of times talk yourself out of them.  You have an idea of how things should look and how information should come.  It is time to let that go and just be available and trust.

LEO – gifts from God

There are many gifts being offered to you right now, Leo and not just because this is your birth season.  You are being asked to heighten your awareness, really be present and notice and celebrate the small things because the small things lead to great things.  Gratitude and celebration are the magic words.  Happy Birthday!

VIRGO – life review

Things have felt out of balance, Virgo.  Your focus has been on what is wrong and how do you correct it.  Take your attention away from that and look at what is working.  Focus again on your dreams and intentions and start feeding them with your positive affirmations.  Feed your dreams and starve your problems.

LIBRA – peace

You are at the end of a long road, Libra, a road that truly tested and tried your faith.  Your perseverance, your truth and the use of your support system has triumphed.  Now give yourself a break and enjoy the feeling of peace.  Imagine peace occupying every cell of your body, your chakras and your aura.  Feel it.  It is yours.

SCORPIO – comfort

There is help all around, Scorpio, on every level.  Look outside of yourself and your issue and ask for help.  Your angels and guides have been trying to get your attention.  They are waiting for assignments.  Give them work to do to help you.  There is also help available on the physical level.  There is someone who’s greatest pleasure would be to assist you.  All you have to do is ask.  There is a mutual blessing here.

SAGITTARIUS – remember who you are

You are a powerful being Sagittarius, you are God expressing.  Something has happened that has caused you to doubt your worthiness and your power.  It is time to confront it and let it go.  Do a forgiveness exercise or clearing ritual to release this experience and then move on.  Remember anything that tells you, you are less than limitless perfection is a lie.  It is time to line up again with the truth.

CAPRICORN – outdoors

It is time to recharge your batteries.  Nature is calling to you Capricorn.  Don’t let the summer slip away with out plenty of outdoor time.  This is healing for you.  It allows you to truly get away from demands and stress and it brings you back to yourself.  This is not a luxury but a necessity for you to feel your best and have the energy and clarity to do what needs to be done.

AQUARIUS – prosperity

Waves of well being and abundance are coming into your experience, Aquarius.  Hold fast to your intentions and let the universe direct.  Stay open to guidance and follow it especially when it looks like it is going the wrong way.  You are in the dance, your good in the process of unfolding don’t let your reason get in the way.  Take your head out of it and follow your heart.

PISCES – nurture

Pay attention to yourself, Pisces.  Give yourself some of that beautiful love and attention you so willingly give to others.  In fact it is time to step back and look at where you may be over-giving to others.  Giving is beautiful but when overdone it dis-empowers the other person and leaves you wondering why you aren’t getting that love in return.  Love yourself and let them be.  It will all balance out