ARIES – Meditation

Empowerment comes from going within this month Aries.  Quiet time, deep breathing and connecting to your center is powerful and healing for you. Trying to make things happen with effort only brings stress.  I know it is not your preferred method for getting things done but get quiet and watch them fall into place.

TAURUS – Signs

You have planted lots of seeds Taurus.  Keep your eyes open and start expecting some signs that they have taken root and are making their way to the surface.  It is ok to ask for omens during this manifesting stage.  Hold to your faith and use your imagination to see and feel them in your reality now.

GEMINI – Serenity

Take some time to slow down this month, Gemini.  You are being asked to be in your body and in the present moment.  Stop and smell the roses.  Indulge yourself in peaceful activities, read a book, take a walk do something just for you that makes your heart bloom.  Attention is love and it will be given right back to you.

CANCER – Listening

Something or someone has been trying to get your attention, Cancer.  The voice is small but persistent.  It is time to pay attention and listen to what is being said.  There is an opportunity for growth and expansion if you do.  It doesn’t seem worth your while right now but believe me it is.

LEO – Music

The dance of life is calling, Leo.  Let go and jump in.  It is time to test your support system and they will not fail you.  Risk is opportunity.  I see a road paved with gold unfolding before you.  Declare your self in and the music will carry you along if you trust it to.  You have prepared for this for a long time don’t forget to validate yourself for your work.  It won’t go unnoticed.

VIRGO – Balance

It is time to take a step back from your work, Virgo and look at it objectively. You have been so focused that you are missing the big picture.  From this vantage point information comes to light that will make it much easier.  Sort of like finding a missing puzzle piece and then it all falls together like magic.

LIBRA – Forgiveness

Things seem a little stuck, Libra. It feels like you have tried everything you know how to do but the energy just won’t shift and now you are on a hunt for what you have done wrong.  It is time to just stop and make peace with the situation and do a forgiveness exercise.  All forgiveness is self forgiveness and it will open the door for relief, release and healing.

SCORPIO – Spiritual Growth

I am feeling your discomfort, Scorpio.  You feel like you are banging your head against the wall. This is temporary even though it feels like it will never move, it will and soon.  It is that healing crisis or detox period that occurs with spiritual growth.  It is allowing you to look at things and let them go.  If you will do that space is made for a greater expression of God in you.  Hard as it is to believe it is working for your good.


You are being directed back to your books, Sagittarius, back to your foundation and early teachers.  There is information in them that you were not ready for at the beginning of your journey but now you are.  There is a fresh burst of enthusiasm and motivation as you reconnect with those teachings.

CAPRICORN – Surrender and Release

Detachment is the word, Capricorn and it looks like it is applicable to more that just one issue in your life right now.  Hand them off.  You have done all you can do and if you do any more it will be counter productive.  It is time for wisdom far greater than yours to take over.  It has been waiting to but you have to take your hands off first.

AQUARIUS – Healing

There is healing happening to you and through you, Aquarius.  The more you put yourself out there the more benefit you receive.  What ever you are wanting or needing in your life, give it.  Or to put it differently, make yourself available for it to flow through you.  You are the channel.

PISCES – New Love

You are being asked to look at a situation with new eyes, Pisces not clouded with old judgments.  Allow the old baggage and emotional charges to release.  What you have been focusing on is not the truth of the situation.  The old expression “you can’t see the forest for the trees” is appropriate in this case.  If you can be neutral, there is a gift in it for you.  You have to step back to see it.