I am seeing some unresolved guilt, Aries.  It looks like you have worked and worked on it but you just can’t get free.  It draws you back to a time when you were a stranger to your power.  That is not the case now.  Look at yourself back then.  Sit in a meditation and see your self sitting across from you and have compassion.  What is done is done.  It cannot be changed and holding on to it is a waste of your energy.  What ever it is that you feel guilty for forgive.  Then draw a line in the sand, step over it and leave it behind.


There is a lot of information coming your way, Taurus from many directions and on many levels.  Rather than duck and cover, sit with it.  Let it come.  Rather than feeling assaulted make a different choice.  Choose to listen and observe.  Take the emotion out of it.  I know it is difficult to not dig your heels in when you hear something that you feel goes against what you know but if you just listen there are jewels in this information that will take you to a new level in your growth and knowledge.   Use neutrality to let go of judgment and be able to hear what you need to hear.


There are beautiful things going on around you Gemini, Beautiful things in your mind and your imagination and in your dreams.  They feel good and they inspire you. They are just beginning to take shape and you can’t quite get your hands on them yet, but you can definitely feel them.  You feel them in your heart and this feeling is the beginning.  It is the seed.  Nurture the feeling by paying attention to it and watch it grow and develop.  It is the feeling of just being in love with your self and with life and only your good will come from it.


Your feet are dangling in the air, Cancer.  You are feeling unsettled and you are looking for information.  Find a teacher or a course of study to put a foundation under you.  Dive in and watch your soul blossom.  I feel the perpetual nagging sensation that has been with you for some time.  Don’t second guess it.  There is something new for you to learn or there is a new interpretation or expansion of something you began to study in the past.  Now is the time to make time and go for it.  As the old saying goes “When the student is ready the teacher will appear” did I just hear your door bell?


Life is very busy for you right now, Leo.  It feels like you will never catch up and be able to take a breath.  One demand after another taking your time and attention and when one is finished another takes its place.   They will never stop.  You have to stop.  You have to take control.  You have to say no.  This is a reminder to make time for spirit and connect to your Source.  Notice I said Make time.  If you wait to have some time it will never happen.  You need some help and this is where to get it. Meditation refreshes body mind and spirit.   This is important.


Do what you want to do just because you want to do it, Virgo. It doesn’t have to be dissected or rationalized.  If it makes your heart happy do it.  Follow your guidance and follow your heart.  It doesn’t look logical.  It may not make sense, it isn’t supposed to.  The idea is to give to yourself.  You have been working on the next step of your journey.  That has been your focus and intention and you have been attentive to every detail to get you there but one.  You!  Its time for a little “me” break to recharge your batteries.  Everything will fall perfectly in to place around you, be at your best to take full advantage.


You are being asked to focus, Libra, on what is sitting in your lap.  There is a project that is near to you, maybe too near. It’s the kind that you just can’t make yourself face.  It looks heavy.  It looks thick and dark like there is no sense starting it because you will never be able to get it done.  Take the emotion out of it.  Take the memories out of it and look at it for what it is a project or a conversation or an issue.  It is simply something that needs to be faced, black and white, give it no more power than that.  Get neutral to it and you will be amazed at what a non event it turns out to be.  The sooner you face it the sooner you get past it.


You are so supported Scorpio.  You have this more than usual loner thing going.  This is dark and depressing and it is time to get out.  You have shut out help on the physical level as well as the spiritual level.  Aren’t you tired of wallowing in this misery?   Remember who you are.  There is nothing small or dark about the real you.  You have just lost sight of it temporarily.  Close your eyes and just feel the strength that surrounds you and ask for help.  Your angels and guides line up in front of you waiting to be at your service.  All you have to do is ask and then let yourself be helped.


It is time to return to being childlike.  Big issues have required you to be serious or have they?  Being serious is not necessarily being effective.  You are being directed back to your imagination and wonder and being led to an answer.  Or I should say allowing the answer to show up for you.  This particular seriousness is going against your grain.  It is counter intuitive that is why you feel like you have hit a brick wall.  Take some time to do something just for you, that brings you joy.  Allow yourself that and you will feel the wall start to crumble.


There is a sense of discontentment around you Capricorn.  Don’t buy into it.  It doesn’t belong to you and you know it.  If those around you choose to be unhappy let them.  It is not your job to rescue them.  Responsibility is your middle name but you are not responsible for anyone else’s happiness.  It feels like you want to help them to help yourself but pull your energy back from the situation and you will see it dissipate.  Misery loves company so if there is no one to complain to the emotional charge will release.  You have better things to do.


It looks like you have been digging for something.  Unlike Libra who is being asked to focus you are being asked to open your mind.  Lift your head and see what is around you. You have determined that the answer to this issue is coming from a certain place.  It is not.  It is coming from a lot of places.  It is like puzzle pieces coming from different directions to complete the picture.  Take your hands off and let yourself be helped.  What you know is limited and so is the place you have been expecting your answers to come from.  Detachment brings speedy results.


There is a situation that is ready to be left behind, Pisces.  You have allowed yourself to be shackled by it for too long.  In fact you are feeling renewed strength.  You are feeling lighter and brighter.  Let this feeling propel you forward.  Know your own truth and know that it is valid.  You are not other people’s opinions of you and it is not your job to change other people’s opinions of you.  That is a waste of your precious time and talent.  Pursue what is calling your heart.  The payoff is huge on many levels.  The biggest pay off is the validation you get from yourself.  You are the most important person in your life.