Aries:  What is the most important thing you want to accomplish or manifest Aries?  If you sit with that for just a moment it will become crystal clear.  Don’t talk yourself out of it and into something less because it seems too much or too big.  There is healing in the knowledge that you can have what you want just because you want it.  Now trust and start moving toward it

Taurus:  Your commitment to your intentions is producing the desired results.  Don’t let go now, the building is being built brick by brick at a quickened pace. Just because you don’t see in your physical reality makes it no less real.  Adopt an attitude of playfulness and amusement and just know you are standing at the threshold of seeing your intentions manifest with your physical eyes.

Gemini:  Flexibility is called for this week, Gemini.  Going with the flow instead of struggling against it will make the week easier.  This week gives you the opportunity to take care of yourself.  So turn your focus away from what might not be happening and turn it and your love on yourself, not just spiritually but physically as well.  Go for walks, have a massage and keep your vibration up for when the energy shifts because it will, very soon

Cancer:  You are so used to your emotional and feeling nature that you may take it for granted but you are being directed to pay attention to your body and find out what those feelings are trying to tell you.  This is guidance from Spirit for yourself and others.  Get quiet, ask for the meaning and listen for the answer.  You will get it.

Leo:  Keep your eye on the prize Leo, but not at the expense of honoring yourself and your feelings.  You are in a human evolution and feelings come with the package. Acknowledging your feelings, no matter what they are, will not jeopardize your intention.  You have to be where you are in order to move past it and that includes feelings and emotions.  Give them your attention and they will move, resist them and they will grow.

Virgo:  There is a situation in your life right now that will be transformed by compassion.  It is a tough one, but if you take the opposite approach from what seems natural and just bombard it with love and compassion you will see miracles.  You cannot change the course of this on your own so surrender it to divine love and sit back and watch what happens.

Libra:  Get out of your head and into your heart, Libra.  You are trying to force solutions and make things happen and it is not working.  Step back, the answer is inside of you waiting for the opportunity to show itself.  In this case the action to take is non-action.  Just stop and imagine yourself taking your hands off of this situation.  Once you stop working at it the ideas and the inspiration will be there.

Scorpio:  This week brings lessons in how much can change and be accomplished through forgiveness and tenderness.  Soften your heart Scorpio.  It does not really matter what was done and who was wrong or right. What matters is the toll it takes on your energy. What’s done is done and it can’t be changed so focus now on what will bring peace back to your heart and your mind.

Sagittarius:  Take a break this week, Sag.  Focus on amusement and allowing and watch the prosperity picture change for the better.  Put away the ideas of what you have to do in order to bring in money and realize that it flows from within you.  Happiness, relaxation and ease allow it to manifest.

Capricorn:  There are new insights presenting themselves to you this week, Capricorn.  A lot of them come through loved ones that are now in spirit.  This new awareness comes in very graceful and soft ways.  No lightning bolts and nothing scary just  new understanding given to you in love.

Aquarius:  You will feel like you are being held in the arms of the Divine this week, Aquarius.  Peace, comfort, ease and guidance all flow effortlessly to you.  It almost seems too good to be true, but don’t start second guessing it, just accept it and more will come.  What a beautiful place to be.

Pisces:  Start the celebration, Pisces.  There is movement on the career front toward more heart centered and fulfilling work.  This is your desire and it is in motion.  It seems like you have been working on this one forever.  Perseverance and faith always pays off.  Get ready to receive and start getting more sleep, you will need it.