Aries:  You may be tempted to tone yourself down this week to fit in with those around you but don’t do it.  Your authenticity is your magic, it is what attracts people to you and it is what allows great creativity and genius to flow through you.  Be true to yourself.

Taurus:  You will have the opportunity to make a choice this week.  The choice may seem obvious but look deeper keeping the desired end result in mind.   Don’t choose a quick fix now without looking at the big picture and knowing where you want to be at the end.

Gemini:  Good things are coming to you in abundance this week.  Keep your awareness open and don’t miss a chance to be thankful for even the smallest things.  Your gratitude is the magic key that opens the door for your abundance to flow and it does!!

Cancer:  Things and people come together this week almost magically.  There is a beautiful flow and blending of ideas and energy.  Stand back and just watch it happen.  No interference or help is needed from you; the Universe has it all under control.

Leo:  Notice how your kindness and compassion are rewarded this week.  The people you encounter are starving for it.  It seems like a simple thing but it has a great impact and you will notice by the end of the week just how great.

Virgo:  The energy seems chaotic this week.  I see you stomping out one little fire and another two or three spark up.   No matter what is going on around you take your focus back to your center and decide to see it differently.  Fighting against what is just creates more.  Allowing what is takes you out of struggle and lets the issue come to its natural end.

Libra:  Ask for help this week, Libra.  Support is all around you.  Throw in the towel and just ask for help.  The weight of the world will be lifted off of your shoulders and you will see that the blessing is not just for you but for those that help you as well.  Don’t cheat them out of it.

Scorpio:   It may feel like trial by fire this week.   It is not fun but it is bringing to light issues and energy that have caused their fair share of pain for you in the past.  The only way past is through so allow yourself to have the discomfort.   It may not feel like it, but this is an opportunity to get free.

Sagittarius:  A new interest or area of study is calling you.  It is well worth exploring.  It holds the promise of expansion.  Not only will you learn something new but there are many opportunities that will present themselves as a result.  This is the first step on a path that goes in many directions and has many rewards.

Capricorn:  Make a point of loving what you do this week.  Really put your heart and positive expectancy into it.  Delight in it and watch what happens.  That delight flips a switch and every bit of love you put into it comes flowing back to you.  It takes your work to a whole new level.

Aquarius:  Take your power and seniority back this week.  Focus on accomplishing what needs to be done and don’t get sidetracked by the noise and distractions that come up.  There will always be someone or something else demanding your attention that is just how it is.  However, when you give them your attention is up to you.

Pisces:  Focus on your purpose this week, Pisces.  If doubt and worry creep in go back to your purpose and see it filled and surrounded by love.  Don’t allow the negativity to fool you into thinking you are off track.  You are not, this is growth and evolution.  See it and let it go and return to your purpose.