Aries:  Keeping a light heart this week brings a flood of creative ideas.  Amusement not only opens the door for fresh inspiration it actually allows it to unfold in the most efficient, practical and graceful way.   There is no work required only joy and positive expectation.

Taurus:  You are waiting for miracles but you haven’t done your work.  Once you get clear on what you want to create you must also move toward it.  That may mean moving out of your comfort zone but giving and receiving are part of the same cycle.  Believe in your desire, live and act from it, then you’ll see miracles.

Gemini:  It is time to rest.  You have been working physically and mentally without a break and it is starting to wear on you.  Give yourself a day off, a whole day off, to get back to your body and your joy.   The only way to regain your power is to nurture yourself.  Then you will be able fall in love with your work again.

Cancer:  There is no spiritual growth without risk.  You are expanding and moving ahead and it feels good.  There are people in your life that aren’t so pleased with your progress because they feel like they are being left behind.  Growth raises your energetic vibration and people that cannot match that vibration may fall away but you will attract others who can.

Leo:  The tighter you hold on to something the more you restrict your own good.  Your vice-like grip doesn’t allow room for change or healing to occur.  Fear makes you hold onto things because it tells you there may not be more.  Wisdom tells you to surrender and know that there is a limitless supply and whatever happens is for your highest good.

Virgo:  A couple of opportunities arise this week.  On the surface they seem to be equally beneficial to you but they are not.  One will afford you much more freedom in the long run.  Go within and ask which is the best and then trust your intuition and your gut.  Expect opportunities and expect direction.

Libra:  Your dreams are taking on physical form and that’s a bit scary because it raises doubts about your abilities and your worthiness.  Get clear about just how powerful you are.  Trust yourself and what you know.  You are on the threshold of wonderful new beginnings.  It is time to fly.

Scorpio:   You are feeling restless and bored.  Nothing brings you excitement and nothing brings you peace and nothing will until you decide to be satisfied.  You are in the driver’s seat.  Nothing outside of you can give you the serenity you desire.  You have to choose to be serene and once you do the restlessness will fall away.

Sagittarius:  The energy shifts around your abundance this week.  A door opens that you thought was long closed and barred.  Your job is to be okay with everything as it currently is.  Maintain an attitude of acceptance, allowing and gratitude.  What occurs will seem like a miracle.

Capricorn:  There is some research that needs to be done in regard to a project you are working on.  The energy around it feels stagnant.  Look outside the normal channels to gain new insights that will give it a shot in the arm.  Fresh ideas will shed new light on the project and bring back your enthusiasm.

Aquarius:  Life feels out of control and you’re searching for something to calm it down; a new book, a new meditation practice, a new exercise program.  But these things don’t bring serenity they bring more to manage.  Shift your focus back to simplicity and come back to yourself.  Everything you need is within you and you can access it through stillness and your breath.  It doesn’t get more simple than that.

Pisces:  Turn out the lights, close the door and go play this week.  The quiet energy of the past week has led to doubt and worry.  When you are in that state you are unavailable to receive your good.  Make some room for the energy to shift by taking a break and surrendering your fears to the Universe.  Also, let go of your self judgment for getting caught up in doubt and worry.