Aries:  You are in the throes of change and it feels good.  A little nerve wracking at times so stay focused on the fact that it is for your highest good and greatest expansion.  Be patient and don’t try to rush it.  If you don’t interfere it will gracefully unfold.  You can count on support from those closest to you because they truly want what is best for you.

Taurus:  Your peace of mind and peace of body are the most important things right now.  No matter what you have to do, no matter how big it seems, focus on your peace.  Let that be your compass.  By being in the present moment and feeling that peace you regain your power because you are in a place of simply allowing.  Your inner peace radiates and blesses all you come into contact with and everything falls into place.

Gemini:  You are being called back to simplicity this week.  Simple foods, quiet time, a good book, maybe a hot bath.  Make time for whatever simple things make your heart sing.  There is healing and comfort in simplicity.  It is filled with ease and the opportunity to just be and experience the present moment and your connection to Source.

Cancer:  The nurturing mother in you will be called on this week, Cancer.  There are people especially young people that need your love, attention and acceptance.  Be aware that this is coming and be prepared by nurturing and loving yourself.  See the best in them and see the best in yourself.  This is a wonderful opportunity to make a positive difference.

Leo:  It looks like you have made some resolutions and are being rather hard on your self.  Purpose is the key to creating anything but don’t forget to love yourself and forgive yourself if you slip.  The words; “Oh Well” are good to remember.  We live in an ever present “Now”.  What happened in the past is just that – past, so love yourself and move on.  Results come faster that way.

Virgo:  The world is wide open to you now.  You really sense the possibilities.  Keep your mind and heart open because there is a ton of information flowing in from Spirit.  Be in a continual attitude of acceptance and allowing.  This is the dance of life; being available for life to move through you for your benefit and the benefit of others.  How lovely!

Libra:  You want things to move along on the relationship front but they are exactly as they are supposed to be right now.  You are being directed to look inward not outward.  It is time to feed your self with study, meditation and, most of all, love.  This is a time of preparation to set the standard for what you want to realize in a relationship by giving it to yourself first.

Scorpio:  You are being directed to re-look at your motivation for what you are trying to manifest.  Whether this is truly “your” desire is in question.  If you are trying to manifest something because of someone else or because you think it is what you should want you most likely will never get the faith and conviction behind it to bring it in.  Your desire, on the other hand, has momentum from the beginning.

Sagittarius:  You feel like you are in your own way where a project is concerned.  You don’t know how to get it back on track and that feels scary. You are giving it too much power.  Take a step back.  Pull your energy back and let go of the emotion around it.  Now make a list and work on the highest priority.  There is light at the end of the tunnel and you will see it as soon as you shift the energy and get back in the driver’s seat.

Capricorn:  You have had some struggles with the people closest to you.  Everyone has their own ideas and has stopped listening to the others.  Things are beginning to shift.  The bottom line is that you really do love each other and that is what will bring resolution to the conflict.  Focus on that love.  Differences pale in the light of love.

Aquarius:  Being honest with yourself and others brings much needed support this week.  Take some time in a meditation to look at areas of your life that seem to be out of balance.  Don’t resist them just look and then decide to make changes.  Start healing them by imagining them filled with the golden light of Divine love and then ask for help.

Pisces:  You are feeling your wings, Pisces!  Freedom, abundance and just being in a good place are wonderful.  Keep the momentum and forward motion by keeping your energy clear.  Don’t let old hurts trip you up.  They are not worth your time or the damage they will do to your energy.  Forgive everyone and everything.  That keeps the good rolling in