Aries: Take a different approach this week Aries. You feel like you have been banging your head against the wall. The harder you push the more resistance you feel and that in itself it giving you a message. Back off and loosen your grip. In order for this situation to change there has to be room for it to move, to be fluid. Focus on being flexible and allowing answers to show up for you and the whole thing will begin to shift before your eyes.

Taurus: Stay focused within Taurus. Don’t let outer effects dampen your conviction. See this as a opportunity to practice your courage and resilience. You know where your truth lies. Hook in and don’t let go. All truly is well and circumstances will begin shifting by the end of the week.

Gemini: This week brings the opportunity to finally release an issue that you have struggled with for years. You will be amazed by how simple and painless it ends up being. You have worked through the emotions and feelings. You can feel yourself becoming neutral to it. Once you gain neutrality the thing that had so much control over you vanishes into thin air.

Cancer: Really honor your desire, Cancer. Dig into it. Explore all of the possibilities and benefits it offers. Blow it up in your mind and in your feelings. Make it huge and live from it. Feed it with your love and your attention and watch things start to happen. The outline is there now is the time to bring it to life.

Leo: You are trying to hold something together, Leo that has run it’s course. You have invested a lot of energy in trying to make it work. Be willing to let it go. Allow it to come to it’s natural end. As a result, you and everyone involved will not only be relieved but available for something wonderful to take it’s place.

Virgo: You have run into opposition recently. You feel like you have been shut down. Your experience and knowledge was not respected and you took it personally. You were not rejected, your idea was. Take your power back. Surrender the struggle and regain your objectivity. .

Libra: Be true to your self, Libra. Conforming to others expectations is no way to live. You have so much to offer but you have to believe in yourself. Once you start operating from your heart the world will expand before your eyes. Your individuality is your gift. Ride that wave!

Scorpio: What you are perceiving as loss is only the outward picture. Look from a broader mind and see that it was an inevitable release. Now the way can be made clear for a deeper understanding of abundance and power. A deeper understanding of yourself and your connection to Spirit. Acceptance is the key.

Sagittarius: It is harvest time for you, Sagittarius! Open up your arms and receive blessings on all levels. Personally, financially and most importantly spiritually. You have crossed a threshold recently in your spiritual understanding and now you are seeing the rewards!

Capricorn: You have been in a period of transformation. It has been a bit rough but your resilience and stubbornness has stood you in good stead. The momentum is building that will propel you forward to your desired result. You can feel the energy shifting hold fast to your faith.

Aquarius: Be willing to explore some new ideas. This is a time of expansion and that cannot be accomplished with the same old information. Fresh inspiration shows up for you this week. Trust your inner feelings and follow it. This is the beginning of something good.

Pisces: Your ability to remain open to possibility will bring the direction you have been seeking. It would have been easy to settle for less than best but you didn’t even when it got scary. Your persistence, patience and courage will pay off in a big way.