Aries: Recognize the need for wise counsel this week, Aries. You are brilliant but you have your limits. It is time for a brainstorming session, a synthesis of ideas. You will come out of it with sound advice that will allow you to move ahead with ease.

Taurus: It doesn’t look like the best week to make a major purchase, Taurus. It appears that this purchase is really not your idea and you are not sold on it. Go with your instinct and say no. There will be bigger issues if you go ahead with it than if you don’t.

Gemini: Time for a break, Gemini. You can feel it in your energy and in your body. You are past due for a weekend away at the very least. Honor your self and your body’s need for rest. A time of retreat will invigorate every aspect of your life. Make some reservations!

Cancer: There is a spiritual agreement in every situation and every relationship, Cancer. There is a jewel to be found in the one that is giving you trouble right now. When you are up against a mountain you find out how strong you really are. Hold fast to your truth and integrity.

Leo: Many things are calling your attention right now, Leo. Which way do you go? You have to make a choice and that is the difficult part. Explore the options but in the end only one will present itself as the most beneficial and you will know without a doubt which one it is. Meanwhile have fun exploring!

Virgo: A person from your past shows up to offer support this week, Virgo. This is an opportunity for an amazing healing. Let go of past hurts and judgments and allow this relationship to be brought into present time. Receive the help when it is offered. The word “Miracle” could apply here.

Libra: Take the road less traveled, Libra. You have a decision to make that has caused you sleepless nights. It is time to face it head on and stop vacillating. The choice that seems the most difficult leads to personal fulfillment and abundance.

Scorpio: Maintaining balance is the challenge this week, Scorpio. Knowing what your responsible for and what you are not is crucial to a beneficial outcome. You will be held accountable for your actions so do your part and allow others to do theirs and it will all come together.

Sagittarius: What is extravagant to some is inspiring to others. Don’t let outside opinions direct your path. Let your beautiful ideas shine and inspire those that are attracted to you. Show up for yourself and let the Universe handle the details.

Capricorn: Look beyond the current situation. Focusing on what is right in front of you gives you tunnel vision. It also makes insignificant things look overwhelming. Step back and see the big picture and feel the expansiveness of the end result. That will put everything into perspective and give you the ability to handle what is immediately in front of you with ease.

Aquarius: You are moving into good place energetically, Aquarius. A state of Grace is the best way that I can describe it. A cycle where prosperity and peace are easy. This is beautiful, flow along with it. Don’t let yourself fall into old patterns of feeling that it is too good to be true or waiting for the other shoe to drop. This is a gift, embrace it!

Pisces: What appears to be a road block is only a speed bump, Pisces. There is a simple way around it that will make itself known to you. Follow your inner guidance and ask for help if you need it. This will be behind you soon. In the mean time don’t feed the problem with your attention. Focus on the solution.