Aries: Your freedom is at stake this week, Aries. Your need to control a situation has left you feeling tethered to it. Other capable people are right there to do their part but you have been in “go it alone” mode. Neither your life or your reputation are at stake but you have been acting as though they are. It is time to surrender, pull back and allow others to their part. That will set you free.

Taurus: You are being given opportunities to face your fears, Taurus. Old issues that you thought were resolved long ago seem to have new life. Deal with them as they show up do not resist them. They are for your information and they are an affirmation of your growth and evolution. Be aware that the place where you are now is far beyond where you were when you first encountered them and validate yourself for your growth.

Gemini: It is time to let your faith manifest your intentions. You have done your work now it is time to believe and confidently move forward. Take your hands off and focus on your self. What would make you happy? Pick something and do it. Let the Universe know that you are entrusting your desire to it and you are off to have some fun.

Cancer: It is time for some quite reflection this week, Cancer. Take yourself out of the world and allow yourself to feel your silent power. Ask your questions and be the channel for the wisdom of the Universe to flow through you. Write down what comes. These quiet sessions will give you a lot of direction. This is powerful, graceful stuff.

Leo: It is back to basics this week, Leo. Get to the heart of the matter by getting back to your heart. What do you need to do to feel better? Take responsibility for creating this issue and then forgive yourself and everyone else involved. Your peace is the most important thing and simple forgiveness is the key

Virgo: The right thing to do is not the popular thing to do. Your integrity will meet with opposition this week, Virgo. Don’t judge those that oppose you and don’t defend your position. Just stick to your guns. There is great peace in being true to yourself and your decision to be so will be healing to others as well.

Libra: Your body, mind and spirit need to come back into balance. Your mind has been running away with you. You are depleted but your active mind won’t let you rest. You must regain control and take some time off to quiet your mind and nurture your body and spirit. This is very important, relaxation will eliminate struggle and strengthen your whole being.

Scorpio: You are going to have to dig a little deeper to solve a problem. What you see on the surface is not the whole story. It may require some study or possibly hiring someone with the expertise necessary to find the solution. There is light at the end of the tunnel, just be prepared to put a little extra effort in to find it.

Sagittarius: A person close to you offers sage advice this week Sagittarius. Listen and act on it. It takes someone outside of you to see your situation clearly and offer fresh ideas. This person’s motivation is love and the desire to see you succeed. Even if the advice is not what you want to hear following it brings serenity.

Capricorn: You are being really hard on yourself. Frustrated that you are not living up to expectations. But who’s expectations are you trying to live up to? If you are trying to be what someone else wants you to be that road is fraught with frustration. Show your self a little tenderness and figure out what makes you happy, what you can get your whole self behind, and move toward that. The way you feel is letting you know there is a different path for you.

Aquarius: People are talking, your guides are talking, your spirit is talking all encouraging you to pursue your dreams. You can’t get away from it so start listening. You think that what you want is beyond you but it is not. You just have to remember that you aren’t the one bringing it about. You are the one that has to believe in your dream and move toward it. The rest is out of your hands.

Pisces: You are super in tune, Pisces. Your empathetic nature has become “Spider Sense”. Remember that you can control this if you choose to. Other people’s issues and emotions are not your responsibility and taking them on does not help them or you. You have a beautiful gift, so respect it and respect yourself. Set boundaries and, most importantly, stay grounded.