Aries:  This is your week, Aries!  It is filled with abundance!  Your ability to manifest is expanding because your knowledge of your Divine Self is expanding.  Follow your passion it is your connection to Source and the catalyst for your abundance.

Taurus:  These are adventurous times, Taurus.  The less you resist and go with the flow the easier it will be.  This is an adventure that will truly prove to you how powerful you are and how much support you have.  You are safe and you will continue to be safe.  Your job is to know that and allow.

Gemini:  Everything is in the works right now, Gemini and even though you may not agree events are unfolding exactly as they are supposed to when they are supposed to.  Remember the far wiser Universe is handling the details.  Stay flexible and open to guidance because there is a lot of it coming your way.

Cancer:  Your first priority is your health and wellbeing, Cancer.  There are a lot of other people and things in your life that demand your attention but this week you have to take care of yourself.  You feel overwhelmed because your energy is depleted.  This is important it is about saying “no”.

Leo:  You have worked hard Leo, and you have done an excellent job.  You are waiting for a response but it hasn’t come yet and the delay is making you doubt yourself.  There is nothing worry about.  This is an opportunity to validate yourself until you get the validation you are waiting for.  It is on its way.

Virgo:  You are being called to a different type of work, Virgo.  Your career is in the process of changing.  The wheels have been set in motion.  Be clear about what you want to do and then decide that you deserve to do it.  A big part of the hesitation is you questioning your worthiness

Libra:  There is help in the relationship area this week, Libra.  Your patience and trust will pay off.  It seemed like a long dry spell but it was all working in your favor.  It gave you the chance to know, really know yourself.   Every relationship in your life is dictated by your relationship to your self

Scorpio:  It feels like your life has been shaken up lately, Scorpio.  You are in the midst of a transformation.  It may not be easy but deep within you know that you are being guided and that this will not last forever, in fact you will start to feel some ease this coming week. Connect to your center and feel the love and strength that is the truth of who you are – that is your refuge.

Sagittarius:  You feel like you have been pushed into a corner, Sag.  Do you take the path of least resistance and go along or do you stand up for your truth and integrity?  Your authentic self has to shine through no matter what the cost.  Being true to yourself in this situation may bring an end to it but will absolutely open the door to other opportunities.

Capricorn:  The idea, the plan or the desire that is burning within you is hounding you to give birth to it.  Do what you can to take steps to bring it into the physical plane.  Talk to the necessary people that can get behind it and support you.  This is divine inspiration and once you start physically moving toward it everything begins to fall into place.

Aquarius:  The overall energy this week is directing your attention to find pleasure in very basic things, Aquarius.  Being mindful of the food you eat, getting enough rest, being kind to your body.  Mindfulness is attention and attention is love.  Loving the simple things in your life this week brings blessings because you always get what you give.

Pisces:  Pisces I see you in the “hamster in a wheel” mode.  Spinning but getting nowhere.  Feeling a bit defeated but determined to keep struggling.  Do something that is completely opposite to get out of the spin.  Go outside, take a walk, pet the cat, bake some cookies, paint a picture.  You get the idea – break the cycle by taking your attention away and the energy will shift like magic.