Aries:  The word you hate to hear, “patience”, is what is called for this week, Aries.  Things just are not moving fast enough for you.   But they are moving and in your favor.  If you check within you will feel that joyful anticipation.  This is your opportunity to nurture your desired result.  Stay focused on what you want and get ready to receive.

Taurus:  You are being directed this week, Taurus, in very gentle and subtle ways.  It is almost like whispers in your consciousness.  Stay aware.  Guidance comes from other people as well as Spirit in very loving, kind ways.  Notice the small things, especially the “okayness” that you feel in your body.   These small things contain big information.

Gemini:  This is a power-filled week for you Gemini. You will be called on to be spontaneous so plug in to your personal power and jump!  You cannot fail if you remember that within you is the limitless potential of the Universe.  Your willingness is the key.  You will be supported at every turn.

Cancer:  It looks like an argument or misunderstanding with someone close to you has set you on a journey of self exploration.  Exploration is good, self judgment is not.  I have to remind you that the responsibility for this situation does not lie solely with you.  The situation is being healed and resolved.  It is time to give your self a whole lot of love and forgiveness and let it go.

Leo:  You have taken someone else’s criticism of you to heart and it has really dampened your spirit.  First off, I must remind you that anyone else’s opinion of you is none of your business.  It has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them.  Choose to let go of your hurt.  Write down how you feel and surrender it to God and the angels and let their love heal you.  Once you choose to let this go you will regain your perspective.

Virgo:  You have been receiving a lot of information through your feelings lately, Virgo.  You are actually receiving your intuition and guidance in your body.  This may be new for you or it may be more intense than it has been.  Your gifts are expanding and that is wonderful.  Just remember to stay grounded so that you use the information and release the energy that is not yours.

Libra:  You are being called back to your journal this week, Libra.  Writing is a release.  In your case it is not so much releasing negative energy as it is opening the creative channels that run through your arms and allowing your creativity to flow.  Really have fun with it, do some automatic writing.  You will learn a lot about your self through this and it will feel good.

Scorpio:  You are feeling new inspiration and passion this week Scorpio.  Enhance it with gratitude.  Being thankful increases the joy and inspiration and raises your vibration to attract more blessings and people who will support you.  The key is maintaining an attitude of gratitude.  It is a magnet for blessings.

Sagittarius:  It looks like you have been struggling with the blues, Sag and it is time to consciously shift your focus. The truth is; you are safe, you are supported and you are loved.  Get back in touch with that truth by taking care of your self physically.  Do something good for your body and you will start to feel your enthusiasm returning

Capricorn:  There is some old energy surfacing right now Capricorn, energy that sort of keeps you off balance.  You know this isn’t you but it makes you question your self.  Take some time to go within and let the light of truth, Divine love just fill you – body, mind and spirit.  Let it illuminate the places where this energy hides and release it.   Nothing can contradict Divine love.

Aquarius:  You are in a real period of transformation and synthesis.  Things that appear to be going against you really are not and will ultimately be to your benefit.  I know that doesn’t help right now but there is value to all that is happening.  Call on your angels and guides to help you get through these growing pains.  They are right there waiting to assist.

Pisces:  You are at the end of a trying time, Pisces, a dark night of the soul.  It has been a time when you really questioned your self and your faith.  You can feel it shifting now.  The worst is over and it is time to trust in yourself and your guidance again.  Regain your strength by taking refuge in study.  Feed yourself spiritually and that will accelerate your healing and bring you back to your true self.