Aries:  You have suffered some disappointment recently, Aries.  I know it hurts but the only way out is through acceptance and a willingness to be healed.  Spending some time in your pain is not a bad thing.  You need to feel it to move beyond it.  But the longer you choose to stay there beyond processing your feelings the more you shut out your healing and your guidance from spirit.  There is help being offered but you have to look “up” from where you are to see it.

Taurus:  It is time to expand your expectations and your concept of your self, Taurus.  Open your head and your heart and let go of any idea of “smallness” or limitation.  This is the week that you challenge every thought of not being ready and not being good enough.  You have a strong ally in Archangel Michael call on him to help you move past the fear and into your power.  You have important work to do!

Gemini:  It seems your energy is a bit unsettled, Gemini.  Distractions and demands have you feeling totally off balance.  This is the time to remember to ground and stay that way.  I know it is not easy for you but a few minutes in meditation to establish a connection to the center of the earth will help you to feel solid and restore harmony.  It works like magic if you will take the time to do it.

Cancer:  There are big payoffs this week if you are willing to trust your guidance, Cancer.  You have been bucking the system and have felt out of sync.  Not to worry, this is your chance to get back into the flow.  Your willingness to go with your intuition brings you back into harmony.  You will be amazed at how quickly you will feel better.

Leo:  Expect new inspiration this week, Leo.  It feels like you have been wading in mud trying to get motivated.  Stop judging yourself for it and stop talking about how difficult it has been.  The cycle is at an end so make peace with it and forget what has gone before.  Ask for the help you need and then be ready to receive it.  Everything feels brighter this week.

Virgo:  There is a lot of information and guidance being presented to you, Virgo.  It feels like your head is swimming trying to sort it all out.  What I am hearing is that you don’t have to sort it out.  Use the feelings in your body and depend on your angels and guides to help you.  Most importantly don’t struggle.  This is a big time of learning and a great deal of what you are learning is how to rely on the support you have around you.

Libra:  The holidays have you wound up tight, Libra.  Making plans, choosing gifts, meeting everyone’s expectations, meeting your own expectations have left you feeling overwhelmed and depleted.  It is true, there is a lot to do but the one person you cannot forget to take care of is you.  Remember to breathe.  Deep breathing brings you into the present moment, energizes your body and brings things into perspective.

Scorpio:  You will be given the opportunity for deeper exploration this week, Scorpio.  Through your recent studies and disciplines issues have surfaces for you to take a look at.  Some of these issues have to do with loved ones that have transitioned.  They want you to know that are available to answer questions.  Rather than muscle through this on your own, ask, and then expect an answer.  You will get one.  Keep an open mind as to how it will come.

Sagittarius:  Get ready for a burst of creativity, Sagittarius.  What ever recent problems or issues you have had are in the process of being resolved and what you learned from them fuels your creativity.  As the old saying goes; “Necessity is the mother of invention”, focus now on being available for new ideas and inspiration.  Everything is turning around.

Capricorn:  There is a stirring in your soul, Capricorn, pushing you forward into your power.  You can create anything with your focus and intention and you know it, but there is some unsettled business in the way and forgiveness is being called for.  Once you forgive yourself and anyone else involved you are free and there is no limit to where you can go from there.

Aquarius:  Your power lies in what you learn and then pass on to others, Aquarius.  You are a gifted teacher because you teach from your authentic self.  Your passion inspires others.  If you had any doubts about your effectiveness let me put them to rest.  It is time for you to own and shine your light.

Pisces:  I see you standing on tiptoe, Pisces, about to tip over.  You are totally consumed with trying to help others, so concerned about what they think and how they feel.  You are trying to fix everything for everybody but it never works because it’s not your job.  Consequently, you are out of balance and struggling to feel your own power.  It is time for a reset.  It is time to pay attention to yourself, get out in nature, meditate and get back in touch with your Source.  Focus on yourself first then you will have the resources to help others.