EMPOWERMENT SCOPES are mini readings for each of the signs.  They let you know what to anticipate this month energetically and give you tools  for handling the energy in  a way that empowers you.




In the month of September you will see the completion of a project, issue or a relationship which brings you long sought after freedom.  You feel like the weight of the world has been on your shoulders and they are pretty tired right about now.  It looks like the full realization of it will be around the third week of the month.  Meanwhile, do not loose faith, hold fast to your intended result and keep moving forward, this is not the time to give up but the time to reach deep inside, find your fire and let it inspire you.  You are also being strongly advised to take advantage of the help that is available to you.  There is no need to go it alone.  There is nothing to prove and there is no negative reflection on you for accepting help.  In fact it may be painful not to.  Remember, when we give we receive. Don’t let your pride rob the people who are willing to help you of a blessing.  Help brings clarity, remember the old saying, two heads are better than one?  Imagine the power of three or four in agreement with you.  The sooner you accept the help the sooner you find your freedom.



Get ready to be WOW’d!  That is all I can say.  What happens in September, Taurus is nothing short of miraculous.  Be ready and know with out a doubt that you deserve every bit of it and the you that emerges after is all part of the miracle.  You have been through a huge time of growth and a great deal of that growth has had to do with self image and self acceptance.  You have worked hard and you have paid your dues now it’s time to find your voice.  The only thing that has prohibited you from coming out of hiding and owning your gifts and talents has been your lack of belief in yourself.   This is the month when that belief takes root and becomes a mighty oak.  There are hungry minds waiting to be fed by you.  No one else can do what you do.  The way you see things and the way you communicate are your gifts.  Step up and own them and then just watch as the doors begin to swing open to show you the opportunities on the other side.  You are on the threshold of literally seeing your dreams come true.



Your attention and focus is being drawn back to you and your innate ability to manifest.  Looking out over what appear to be mountains waiting for a sign that something is shifting is the wrong use of your focus.  It is actually diluting your power.  Sit quietly and go inside and feel your silent power and use it as your foundation to simply open up and allow your good to pour in.  You don’t have to earn this and you don’t have to work for it either, in fact work is counter productive and pushes your abundance away.  Trying to figure out how impedes the flow as well.  Get out of your head.  Serenity and trust open the door.  You will have profound experiences this month of how graceful and quiet manifesting can be.  Create an agreement with your Divine essence that you will get your mind out of the way and allow it to express.  You can do it!



Some old issues are surfacing this month.  Things you thought you had sorted out and handled years ago are back in living color.  Don’t let yourself think that it has anything to do with not making progress.  It is actually just the opposite.  It is letting you know that you have made enough progress to look at these issues on a deeper level from a place of knowledge and wisdom that you did not possess the first time around.  This is an opportunity to get free by really processing the feelings and judgments around these issues and finally releasing them.  They are here to show you what you need to let go of to find peace.  This is not a walk in the park by any means, but if you choose to look and not resist there is phenomenal freedom and expansion on the other side.  Meditate, journal, feel, be in it to get past it with even more knowledge and wisdom on the back end.  This is an opportunity to take your power back.



You will have the opportunity to develop an idea this month.  Perhaps you have already been toying with it but not sure if you should proceed.  This is your green light!  The moment you really put yourself into it, your brightness, your spark, the whole thing illuminates and begins to unfold.  The key is to keep it light, no pun intended.  Play and let your imagination lead you.  Really let go and follow your imagination.  It will not lead you off course.  You can put that fear to rest right now.  You can also put to rest the idea that to pull this off you will have to work hard.  Hard work is not required but what is required is passion.  Fall in love with your idea and let it show you how to bring it into the physical plane.  There is a wonderful balance at work, a natural order.  The more you play the less you resist and control and more gets accomplished.  You will be amazed by the process.



You have been really hard on yourself lately, Virgo.  How is that working for you?  I am seeing that it is not, in fact it looks pretty dismal.  I see a lot of self judgment and unforgiveness.  It is time to change course and you have to purposefully choose to do so.  There is so much love and support around you in the form of your guides and angels but you have let fear get a foothold and it is doing it’s best to take over.  You feel beaten but you are not.  Reach out and look up.  Take your eyes off of the problem.  This is your task this month.  No one can pull you out of this but you.  You have lost sight of your own strength but your strength has not left you.  Use what ever tools are most effective for you.  Affirmations, visualization, a walk in a garden or an art project, whatever it is do it and you will begin to feel better.  Take action to bring back your serenity.  That may sound contradictory but in this case it is vital.



It looks like changes are happening this month on the relationship front and possibly the home front. The changes offer new beginnings.  But there is something there that you just don’t trust.  You may feel unsettled like you just might be swept away by the whole thing.  You feel like the circumstances are controlling you rather than the other way around and it is uncomfortable.  This feels like a whirlwind and you are questioning your decisions.  You also feel like you are not quite being true to your self.  Like you have given some ground that you wish you hadn’t.  Take a step back, ground and get neutral.  Neutrality is power it makes you the observer and lets the static die down.  Take refuge in nature and let the earth nurture you and bring you back to yourself.  This will make the difference between change happening to you and change happening for you.



What is going on in your outer world has not been very friendly lately.  You feel like you have been climbing one mountain after another, each one steeper and more rugged than the last.  You have even questioned if it is really worth it.  You are in a spiritual growth period and typically they aren’t fun but they are productive.  You will know that when you come through on the other side of it.  Meanwhile this month you are being directed back to study, but it is more than that, you are being asked to remember times on your journey when you were excited and positive and expected the best.  Remember what influenced you during those times.  Was it a book that fueled your fire?  Maybe listening to audio programs or being diligent with affirmations.  What ever it was then will see you through again.  Feed yourself, feed yourself, feed yourself and the energy will balance out and you will regain your power and seniority.  Don’t get caught up in what’s wrong it is within your power to quickly shift this energy.



It looks like you have a lot on your plate, people and projects all screaming for your attention and action.  Your head is swimming.  You pick the one that is screaming the loudest to work on and an even louder one pops up.  You have to face the fact that you cannot be all things to all people.  That is the bottom line and the starting point from which to focus on the people and projects that you can have a positive outcome from.  Start to take your power back from the situation by making a list and looking at it neutrally and logically not emotionally.  Then use the process of elimination to drill down to who you can help and what projects you can bring to a close in the shortest amount of time and then get to work.  You will feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off of your shoulders.  You will regain your focus, motivation and inspiration and the work you do will be brilliant.



Give yourself permission for some down time this month.  Time that is just for you to focus on yourself and what your body, mind and spirit needs.  This is the time to let go of some old baggage.  You are carrying some guilt that is really weighing you down.  It is an ever present shadow and it is time to face it and release it.  Guilt is a waste of time and energy.  You are spending your precious NOW feeling bad about something you cannot change.  It is time to forgive yourself and everyone else involved and surrender it to the universe.  Forgiveness is a big part of this because it is the only way you will find release and relief.  Write down everything about the situation, write out your feelings and don’t censor anything, let it flow out of you and onto the paper then burn it.   Go outside and bury it or commit it to living waters.  Let the earth and nature assist in your healing.  Then just sit in a place of beauty and serenity and feel how much you are loved.



There is a situation that you are trying to manipulate but forcing solutions on problems isn’t the answer.  That only creates more problems.  You cannot change another person and the more you try the more resentment builds.  You are being advised to take your hands off and step back.  What you have done so far hasn’t worked it is time to detach and create the space for resolution.  You have to turn this over to the universe to sooth and heal the situation.  The damage that has been done is not irreparable it just can’t be repaired by you just now.  You have a lot invested in the outcome but believe me this is the only way for positive change to occur.  You are due for a healing yourself and you have a great deal of support in spirit.  They are waiting for you to ask for help.  Consider this month a cooling off period where much healing and much good will be accomplished.



It looks like you have been working on manifesting your perfect relationship.  You have your partner worked out in every detail and you are not sure why they haven’t shown up yet.   The reason is that you have been focused on the person and not the relationship.  This is the month to change that.  Start to think about what you want your perfect relationship to do for you.  How will you feel when you are in that relationship?  Valued, supported, loved, cherished, respected?  Now start giving your self all of those things and begin to operate from those feelings.  Be what you want to receive from that partner.  Like attracts like remember?  Set those vibrations as your standard of excellence and they will attract your perfect partner.   It never fails.  Always work from the end result and always work from the feeling.