Episode 2, 1/26/11

Teaching Segment – Grounding

Empowerment is the experience of connecting to your true self.  The purpose of this show is to offer practical tools to make that connection by expanding your awareness of who you really are and allowing that awareness to work for you in your day to day life.

We are all creating our lives every moment we live.  Our thoughts, words, actions and expectations create our reality.  Like it or not that is how it works because it is Universal law.  Creating our lives doesn’t start when we find out about it.  Be nice if it did but we’ve been doing this all of our adult lives.  I think the age of adulthood is kind of an individual thing.  But generally speaking, by the time you were 17 or 18 everything that was in your life you had brought to you.  You created whatever was sitting in your lap, good, bad or indifferent.  So blaming your current state on your parents or anyone else for that matter really gets you nowhere.  The more you blame the more you live in a place of weakness.  Blaming diminishes the truth of who you are. It is basically saying that you are not in control of who you are and what you do but it’s all a result of how you were raised and who did or didn’t do whatever to or for you.  Blaming is out the window!  It is disempowering and it’s a lie.

It may be true that someone hurt you or didn’t give you the guidance or support you felt you should have had.  But the deal is that your Higher Self, your Spirit chose the circumstances of your birth and the family you would be born into because it was the right situation for your evolution as a Spirit in a body and your Spirit was ready to be here.  As far as Spirits are concerned the earth plane is The place to be.  If you are not incarnate you are not evolving or growing.  Evolution is working through your personal stuff and being able to let it go. Your personal stuff is the stuff that scares you, the stuff that makes you feel guilty, the stuff that tells you that you are not enough, not good enough, not smart enough, not rich enough, not pretty enough.  The stuff that is all lies and Michael Beckwith says “always confront a lie” Because the truth is that you are perfect, lacking nothing a spark of the Divine however that looks to you.

The first step to clearing that stuff is to take responsibility for it, all of it.  Own it.  No matter how ugly it is to look at take responsibility for creating it knowing that you can create something different. You can create what you want in your life.  When you take responsibility and stop blaming everyone, including and especially, yourself it’s like you arrive at a threshold and you are ready to step through a new door way.  A doorway of consciousness and you are empowered because you have accepted the fact that only you can change your life.  You become what Chopra calls self referral rather than object referral because your life comes from within you. The first cause of everything is thought.

Grounding is the first tool I want to give you and it is the most important.  If you take one practice with you from these programs let it be grounding.

Everything is energy.  Your physical body as well as your spiritual body is energy.  Your thoughts as well as the chair you’re sitting on all energy.  Solid objects are just moving at a slower vibration but it’s all the same stuff.

Your spiritual or energetic body is made up of your chakras, your body and your aura.  This is your Space.  Your chakras run along your spine and correspond to different aspects of your life from physical to spiritual.  Your first chakra is at the base of your spine, the tip of your tailbone.  It has everything to do with physicality, survival, fight or flight. Your second is about two inches below your belly button and is the center of emotional energy.  Your third is at your solar plexus and is the center for personal power, will and manifestation.  Mostly how you manifest yourself as a spirit in a body in the earth plane but also manifesting your desires and intentions.  Your fourth is your heart chakra.  It is the center of your affinity for yourself and others.  Your fifth is at the base of your neck at the notch of your collarbone and it is the center for communication but more importantly, speaking your truth.  The sixth is in the center of your forehead.  It is the place of imagination and intuition and neutrality.  It is the beginning place of creation because it is the place of thought and our thoughts create our reality.  The seventh or crown chakra sits flat on the top of your head and it is the gate way to Source or the God of your heart however that looks to you.  It also holds all of the information contained in all of the other chakras.  So there is a brief rundown on the major chakra system.

When we encounter other people we are encountering energy.  You might be at the grocery store and hear two people arguing in the next isle and it upsets you.  You might be in line behind a mother with a screaming child and after you leave your still annoyed.  You’re not in the store anymore you can’t even remember what those people were fighting about or what the screaming kid looked like but it’s still bugging you. That is because it did not just happen physically but energetically as well. We take on the energy of situations around us and then we wear it like a coat.  When someone is feeling bad or sad and you just want to help them and make it better you take on that energy through your heart Chakra and you feel their sadness. When someone is treating another person badly and you feel like you got kicked in the gut you have taken on the energy through your emotional center your 2nd.  You really have taken this energy that is not yours into your energetic body and now what do you do?  You have to get rid of it, release it because it is not yours and it keeps your attention out of the present moment. Grounding is how you do that.

Grounding is the vehicle to release energy that is not yours and that does not benefit you.  This can be other people’s energy as was just described and it can be your energy that does not support who you really are.  It can be outdated energy given to you by your parents or teachers with their best intentions of protecting you. But “don’t go out in the rain because you’ll catch a cold” might have been good information when you were four, but at forty being out in the rain might be a wonderful experience that has nothing to do with catching a cold.  Because you are an eternal being there’s most likely a lot of information from past incarnations that you are carrying that your spirit is ready to release also.

There are many different practices for grounding.  This is a simple practice that takes less than a minute.

So let’s do it.

First be seated with your feet on the floor.  Close your eyes and take a breath and on the exhale really feel yourself in your chair.  Be present.  Now be in an attitude of play and use your imagination to see the tip of your tailbone where your first chakra is located.  Now pretend that a tail grows out of the tip of your tailbone.  It can look like a tail, a beam of light, a rope, a tree root anything that you don’t have to think too hard about and can just let happen.  This is your grounding cord.  It is coming out of your first chakra.  Now see it effortlessly grow through the chair your sitting on, the floor, the foundation of the building, through the layers of the earth to the center of the earth.  Remember this is energy and flows through physical things with complete ease.  So don’t struggle with it just let it happen.  Now see the center of the earth in a way that makes sense to you and makes sense for your grounding cord.  If your grounding cord is a tree root you might see the center of the earth as a lush garden that the root connects completely to.  If it is a beam of light the center of the earth can look like anything because the light can penetrate it.  If it’s a rope the center of the earth might be a large boulder that the rope ties itself around.  Your cord and the center of the earth can be anything that makes sense to you that you don’t have to think about as long as they can completely connect.  Next I want you to imagine an on/off switch on the side of your grounding cord.  It can look like a light switch or a lever again whatever is easy for you to imagine. Now flip the switch to the on position.  Now your grounding cord is on full release and is allowing you to let go of all energy that is not yours and that does not benefit you.  If you are doing this exercise right now you are probably feeling the change in your personal space.  Consider your Grounding cord your energetic trash shoot where energy that doesn’t benefit you releases to the center of the earth and is neutralized. We are going to do just a couple more things to our grounding cords.  Next I want you to use your imagination and write or stamp today’s date on your grounding cord bringing it into present time and notice if that made a difference in your space and lastly take a breath and on the exhale make your ground cord the width of your hips enabling it to release more and just notice if that makes a shift in your energy.  Now you can open your eyes if you want.  That’s it!

Grounding to the center of the earth stabilizes your physical body, aligns your chakras and gives you a vehicle to release energy that is ready to go.  It brings you into the present moment which is the only place from which you can create your life.  It also brings your awareness into your body.  We spend so much time in our minds reliving the past or planning the future, neither of which exist, that we are rarely in our bodies experiencing right now.

With the explanation that took a few minutes but when you do it on your own it will take less time.  Grounding first thing in the morning before you start your day will make a tremendous difference.  It puts you in charge.  It brings you present.  You can drop and recreate a new grounding cord as often as you want or need to wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.  You are master and commander of your reality and your imagination creates real events.  The grounding cord you imagined is real, it’s there and it’s working.  During the day things might come up that just throw you off your game so to speak.  Create a new grounding cord when that happens and notice the shift back to being in control.


Kelly Whetstone