Episode 1,  1/19/11

Teaching Segment –   Tools to Connect to Your Power

This middle segment will be my teaching segment of the show and will be devoted to specific topics.  Since this is the first show this week I want to devote this segment to sort of lay the foundation for the show and let you know a little about me and where I am coming from.

I have studied many areas of metaphysics and spirituality over the past 25 years and I will be drawing from them to bring you valuable information and energetic tools to help you work your life.  These will be practical tools and exercises that you can put your hands on and add to your spiritual tool kit to use when ever you need them.

The show will be varied. Sometimes there will be readings or meditations and of course great guests.  However, the most important thing I want to convey is that there are many opportunities to connect to your power every day.  In the next few minutes I want to give you an idea of what some of those look like.

My passion and my purpose is empowerment. I believe that we are totally and completely limitless and that we can express that in our human lives.  I believe that we have support all around us in the form of angels and guides at our beckon call, just waiting for the invitation to help.  I also believe that we have everything we could possibly need or desire within us.  We have the capability to create anything if we just believe that we can.

Typically we were not given that information growing up so we believed in what we were taught.  A great deal of which was limitation and lack which we f course accepted as truth because we were being taught by people who loved us and were trying to protect us and had our best interest at heart. They were simple teaching us what they knew.

Good things that happened were looked at as the exception and negative things the status quo.  Our perception is skewed.  We feel we have to work really hard and say just the right thing so that God will smile on us and give us what we are asking for.  We are trying to figure out how to make our good appear.  Instead of knowing that our good resides within us and our work is not work at all it is simply getting out of the way and allowing it to come forward.  As Oliver says We are God expressing and we are powerful.  We can truly be channels for life to move and flow through us

Empowerment is a big word isn’t it?  Sounds a bit grandiose and unattainable? The concept of Empowerment seems to rank up there with the concept of enlightenment because they both appear to be things that you can work at your whole life but never attain.

The purpose of this show is to give you fresh ideas and bring a new awareness of empowerment by presenting simple ways to access it to make your life better NOW.  Here are a few examples;


We have a responsibility to ourselves and to our truth to live our best life possible.  You deserve to live your best life possible and You are the most important person in your life. Simply put that just means feeling good, feeling safe and feeling happy in this moment no matter what is happening around you.  You can make the choice to feel good or give thanks or be happy in any moment and when you do you are saying I, not my circumstances, control my life.  When you can be grateful for what is in your life now you open the door for more to come in to be grateful for.  What you place your attention on expands, that is universal law, so choose to place your attention on what you want to experience.


We are eternal beings but in this human incarnation, we only live right now, we only breathe right now.  Deep breathing connects us to the NOW.  It connects us to our center and our truth. Being in the present moment is empowering because it is the only thing that is real and the only place from which we can create.  Using the energetic tool of Grounding brings you into the present moment where you can truly affect your life and circumstances.  It brings you into your body which exists in present time. It aligns your chakras and stabilizes your physical body and provides a vehicle to release energy that isn’t yours.  Your thoughts can be everywhere.  Much of the time they are in the future or the past, neither of which truly exist but they truly distract you from the present.  Take a break for a few minutes breathe deep and imagine a colored beam of light flowing from the tip of your tail bone to the center of the earth.  Then imagine an on/off switch and turn it on allowing it to release what isn’t benefiting you.  That will shift your space in about 3 minutes.  We will use this tool a lot in the future.


The past is over and we owe it no debt.  Guilt and remorse are useless.  They are time and energy wasters because they change nothing.  What is, is.  Every thing we do, and have done is by agreement so there are no innocent victims.  Everyone that has ever come into your life chose to be there for their evolution and you chose the same.  There is a spiritual agreement between you and there is a benefit in that agreement. There is no relationship or situation that does not contain an agreement or a benefit.  The benefit may simply be the growth you went through and the person you are as a result.  Take a moment, get quiet and in a meditation ask the universe to show you what the benefit was and it will.  Then forgive yourself and everyone else involved.  All forgiveness is self forgiveness.  There is freedom in forgiveness and we forgive to set ourselves free not for the benefit of the other person.  It is so we can drop that heavy weight of resentment or guilt.  Stuart Wilde says that if we don’t forgive someone it is like keeping them strapped to our leg. Forgiveness ushers in prosperity.


We are here to evolve and grow.  We chose this incarnation.  We chose our families.  Growth comes from being in our lives not from struggling against them.  Frustration and stagnation comes from struggle and resistance.  Only when we can have what is present in our lives can we move past it.  Having it means making peace with it because it is what it is.  Then we have to leave the negative story about it behind and begin affirming and focusing on what we want instead.  When we get to the place of allowing we are empowered because we are not fighting.  Whatever we struggle against fights back. If we surrender and allow, it will move. This is our opportunity to let go and let God.  When we take our hand off the limitless creativity of the universe can move on our behalf.  When we try and force solutions on problems we are coming from what we know which is limited


We always get what we believe.  We are powerful creators and we have created our lives and every thing in them with our beliefs. When we look around we are seeing what we believe.  Faith and thought create.  Awareness of that truth is empowering because it means that if what you see around you is not what you want you can change it by changing your beliefs.  Every moment is a new opportunity to create something different. Every moment is a new opportunity to say no to what you don’t want.  You truly are master and commander.  Faith is positive conviction.  Fear is faith in negativity.


As I said earlier empowerment is my passion and my motivation in my life and in my work as a psychic and a teacher.   Because we are eternal energetic beings we can carry energy with us from this lifetime and previous incarnations.  Some can be beneficial to our evolution and some invalidates us and keeps us from our power.  I am sure that most of us can think of something in our lives that just trips us up.  No matter how long we have been on our spiritual journey and how much we know it keeps showing up and we just can’t get past it.  I am a clairvoyant intuitive so when I read for my clients I see energy, identify it and if it is unbeneficial to them, I move it.  When that energy is removed space is made for their true being to occupy. It is like peeling off a layer of what does not serve you so that what does serve you moves forward.  A reading and healing brings clarity and awareness.  It gives a name to that thing that has tripped you up and when it can be named it loses its power and you are back in the driver’s seat.

I have barely skimmed the surface with these 6 simple concepts of empowerment so I hope you will join me  as we explore in depth, these and many more topics on the massive subject of empowerment.