When you hear the word empowerment it sounds like something you have to work for years to achieve.  Not so.  There are many simple ways in which we can be empowered.  To me empowerment is a feeling.  It is the feeling I get when I connect to Source.  Our true nature is Divine and by connecting to the Divine we make progress on our Spiritual journey. The more we make that connection the more we raise our own vibration.  As we raise our vibration things in our lives start to change.  We have raised the bar and so life rises to meet us at our new level and it just keeps going. 

A wonderful way to connect to the Divine is through affirmations and intentions. When you speak an affirmation such as “I am limitless” and feel the power of it as you speak it you become it.  Feeling is the key.  Feeling is how you begin to bring it into your life.  Sometimes when you begin to affirm something you can feel it immediately and sometimes it takes practice and that’s ok.  Your Spirit knows it as truth but your practical mind may take some convincing.  Take the time you need and don’t judge yourself.  Just know if you are relentless with your affirmations the feeling will come. Even the simple words “I Am” are an immediate connection to the Divine.  Say that out loud and notice how you feel.  You feel it in your being because it resonates with your Spirit as truth.

Another way to empower yourself is to use intention to create sanctuary where you live.  You do this by having symbols around you that support you.  Symbols that are sacred to you. They can be pictures of saints or angels, statues of Buddha, candles or your great grandmother’s dressing table.  Sacred symbols are anything that resonate with your spirit and make you happy. They are sacred because you have made them so with your intention and love.

Remember we are the creators of our lives with our thoughts, words, intentions and expectations.  These are simple tools that help us to consciously create the life we want.