Autumn-Leaves-enh-cropped1[1]Fall begins officially this Saturday. I hope you are enjoying the change of seasons. Fall is my favorite and this year I appreciate it even more being back in Denver where there are trees that actually change color! The cooler weather is absolutely wonderful. Personally I feel like I come alive in the fall.

It is natural to feel inspired to make changes as the season changes. Changing your wardrobe, bringing some fall color into your home, organizing your office and clearing clutter all refresh the energy, welcome the new season and bring you and your surroundings into present time and that feels good.

Right now it appears to me that there is a greater energy that is stimulating the desire for change. I don’t know exactly what it is but I am impressed by the number of people I talk to that are either contemplating or are actually in the midst of making substantial changes in their lives. Fall is a motivator but this desire for change seems to be motivated by more than just the changing season itself.

It appears to me that people are compelled to explore deeper aspects of themselves, take a risk, and maybe face a fear to prove to themselves that they are greater than the unknown. I feel that the motivating factor is fulfillment. So many are in the midst of life changes; moving, changing careers or becoming self employed – some as a result of losing a job, and evolving relationships. Some are boldly flying in the face of old beliefs and patterns that held them in the same place for many years. What seemed acceptable, normal and safe now seems small and limiting.

There is greatness within every one of us. We are all the embodiment of Source; pure creative energy desiring to expand and express through our experiences. That energy inspires our desires.

I see another element at play here. Most likely people stay in that safe, small place because they are influenced by other people’s opinions of who they should be and what they should do. They accept lack and limitation because it is “better to be safe than sorry”.

But undeniably, this energy is shifting, a new boldness and desire to be true to self has made that small safe space intolerable. This is beautiful to see because it is a shift from looking outside of yourself for your validation and safety to being guided from within and knowing from the depths of your being that you have to make the move regardless of how unreasonable that might appear to others. It is this desire for expansion that makes you willing to look in the eye that which you feared. It has everything to do with self value, realizing that you are the most important person in your life, and that you deserve to be happy.

If you are feeling the urge to make a change don’t talk yourself out of it. Take a look at it. Take some time to find out what is underneath it, what the true motivation is. If you dig a little deeper you may just discover within yourself a fearless explorer whose time has come.
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