There are so many avenues available to empower us in creating the lives we really want to experience.  We inherently have within us the power to create whatever we desire.  It sits there at the center of our being waiting to be recognized and allowed to express.  The different methods are keys that unlock doors behind which our power resides.  It is well worth our while to explore and implement many different methods to access and demonstrate that power.

All roads lead to Rome but we each learn differently and we each are attracted by different things based on our interests and our history, this lifetime and previous.  What may be an absolute epiphany for you leaves someone else clueless as to why it made such an impression.  That is the beauty of our individual evolution.  That is also the beauty of this current age where we have the freedom to choose what truly rings with us and leave the rest behind.

Feng Shui is one of those methods so I want to talk about using simple Feng Shui techniques to support you on the physical and energetic level.  I am going to refer to the Bagua.  There is a great example on the blog page of

I love physical affirmations and that is a big reason I love Feng Shui.  It is all about your environment supporting you in every area of your life.  Viewing your home or your office or even your desk for that matter as a metaphor for your life and using symbols to enhance each area.  The nine life areas of the bagua, which is used in the western practice of Feng shui, are Career, Helpful People and Travel, Children and Creativity, Relationship and Love, Fame and Reputation, Prosperity, Happy Family, Knowledge and Health. So you can see that every area is covered and when it comes to using them to focus on creating the life you want, well, you can pick the one that is most descriptive of what you are looking to do.

Today, I want to focus on how to use the Fame and Reputation for that purpose.  The basic concept of Feng Shui is to have  Chi or Life Energy to flow through these nine life areas unimpeded so that they can be energized by it, so their purpose can be fueled by that life energy.

The fame and reputation area is in the middle back or top of the bagua.  Your starting point on the bagua is your front door.  Everything goes from there so for simplicity purposes let’s say your front entry is in the middle of the front of your house which is the career area the fame and reputation area is directly across from it at the back of the house.

Fame and Reputation is the area that is about you.  Not everyone can relate to fame but everyone certainly can relate to reputation.  Your reputation is what you are known for, bad or good.  This area is where you make a statement about who you are and what you want to be known for.

This can vary widely for everyone but no matter what it is it can be addressed and enhanced in this area.

The color associated with the fame and reputation area is red.  The element is fire and the shape is triangular or pointed.  I find it interesting that fire is also the element of the third chakra at the solar plexus which is your personal power, your will, how you manifest yourself as a divine spirit in a body in this earth plane or how you want to be known.

The fame and reputation area is the place for candles.  Using the creative cycle you want to have wood or the representation of wood in this area because wood feeds fire.  The color for Wood is green and the shape is rectangular.  A good representation of wood is a tall plant.  The element you do not want represented in this area is water.  The color for Water is black and the shape is free form or undulating.  Mirrors are symbolic of water.  If the element of water is present then bring in the element of earth, earth dams water in the destructive cycle.  The color for Earth is yellow or earth tone colors and the shape is square.  Can you see the beautiful relationship aspect of Feng Shui?  I love it.

When ever you place a cure or an enhancement in an area put that specific intention into it, that it is enhancing this element or mitigating that element.  For example say you have a large black sofa in your den which is your fame and reputation area.  You can’t move it so cure it with some square yellow pillows or a throw with earth tone colors in it and as you place the pillows on the sofa State their purpose.  In this case the purpose of the pillows is to be the symbol of the earth element to mitigate the symbol of the water element which is the black color of the sofa.   That is all you have to do and you will feel the shift in the energy.  You certainly don’t want the water represented by the black sofa dousing the fire of your reputation.  Always remember cures and enhancements do not have to be big or even seen.  A piece of yellow construction paper placed on the wall behind the sofa or underneath it with intention will do the trick

The Fame and Reputation area is the place to put your best foot forward to promote yourself the way you want others to see you.  If you are an artist put your art on the walls, if you are a photographer, your photos should be on the walls.  You can put diplomas or awards in this area and they can be visible or not.  They can be put away in a drawer but they should be in this area.  If you are a musician have your instrument in this area.  If you want to be known as a great mom, have pictures of you with your family here.  The sky is the limit.  Let your creativity take over.

The Career area is directly across from Fame and Reputation and the two should balance and support each other.  A good reputation is important in order to be successful in your career.  Have things that affirm who you are and what you want to be known for in both places.  Be sure that whatever is hanging on the walls promotes and supports your intentions about yourself.  No sad clownS or lonely people paintings.  Be conscious and ask the question, does this work for me in expressing who I am and what I want to be known for.  You will get an answer.

What do you want people to think of you?

Fame and Reputation And career are the areas where you get to be creative and energetically make that happen.  Set the stage here for how you want the world to know you. You can use the Fame and Reputation area to empower other areas.  You can have objects in this area that state your intention of you in a relationship or, or as a wise person, or a prosperous and generous person, a creative person, a healthy person, etc.  Use it to create that image

You can write affirmations and place them in red envelopes and treat the fame and reputation area as its own bagua and place them in the appropriate areas within it.  As with any affirmation, write it in present tense and that it is yours now ie; “I am a phenomenally prosperous person and I generously share my abundance with the world.  I am known for my generosity”.   No one has to see them so hide the envelopes out of sight and let them work for you.

Use the fame and reputation area to boldly state who you are, what you are good at and why the world should know you.  There is another bonus here as well.  When you look at the physical affirmations you have placed in the fame and reputation area they not only remind you of your intentions but they validate your accomplishments and that raises your vibration which attracts your intention.  How great is that?

“Get so fixated on what you want, that you drown out any” vibration or reverberation that has anything to do with what you do not want.”

— Abraham

Use Feng Shui and the Fame and Reputation area of the home to support you in creating your dreams.  Physical affirmations of your intentions empower you every time you look at them.   If you need help with it call me.  If you feel there is some energy to be cleared before you start, call me.  I am on 12Listen every day and I would love to talk to you about it, I am here to help.